Why I loved my year abroad in Nottingham

If someone would have told me 10 years ago I was going to move to a different country by myself, travel to countless new cities and countries, spend a birthday in Africa, and study abroad in England I would have never believed them.

Flashback to this time last year and I was already halfway through my year abroad experience.


Nottingham, England. At the beginning of 2017 I had never even heard of this city. However, it quickly became one of my favorite places and will forever hold a special place in my heart (I fully intend to name one of my future animals after this city).
Knowing next to nothing about Nottingham, I took a leap of faith and arranged my course and accommodation and before I knew it I was living in the city of Robin Hood and spending hours exploring this exciting, cultural, student filled town.

Qusai 2

Throughout my lifetime I have made some pretty incredible friends and the people I met in Nottingham changed my life. I can’t believe it took me moving to another country to meet these people who quickly became such significant parts of my life.

Now I couldn’t imagine life without them.


The relationships I developed while traveling are unlike anything I’ve had before. There is something special about seeing beautiful, mesmerizing places of the world with friends. Additionally, the type of people you meet while traveling will have such a positive impact on you.

I met people who were so different from me that I connected with instantly through the love of travel. It was an amazing phenomena.


I am a “go with the flow” and “just let it happen” person. Which translates to someone who doesn’t plan and is happy doing that 99% of the time. Being a newbie traveller I found myself having a strong desire to meet new people while exploring different places but the thought of exploring a country by myself and having to figure out how to plan a trip scared me.
As fate would have it I discovered Citylife and all of my worries disappeared. Not only did I get to meet new people but I also didn’t have to worry about organizing my trips. It was the best of both worlds.
This company is full of students who have a burning desire to travel and meet new people. I will always be thankful for the opportunities I was given because of the people involved with this awesome organization.


Without realizing it I had chosen a city right in the middle of England, making it the perfect starting point to travel to different cities around England. Even with this opportunity I found myself spending a lot of time in Nottingham.
With 2 major universities in this city there were always weekly events, festivals and fairs attracting both students and locals. The excitement and entertainment within the city center never stopped, I always felt like there was something to do.
The nightlife completely blew me away. You could pick a different nightclub to go to each night of the week and almost always find a new bar to check out. Nottingham takes the student nightlife to a whole new level.

Nottingham Town Hall summer

My year studying abroad was by far my favorite year in my short 23 years of life. Nottingham quickly took my heart by blessing me with friendships that will last a lifetime, opportunities to see more of the world, and giving me my greatest love in life: travel.

Traveller with a suitcase

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