Who We Are

We help you to get integrated into your life in the United Kingdom!

In the autumn of 2015, Citylife was founded in a student house in Nottingham, United Kingdom. As international students ourselves, we had the feeling that there was a community for internationals missing. It was our goal to create something unique for every international and integrate everyone in our big Citylife family and the life in the United Kingdom.

Whether students need help on what to do in their city, looking for accommodation, cultural experiences, parties or travel opportunities – everyone is welcome at Citylife!

Meanwhile, Citylife has been growing quickly. We are now operating in Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Loughborough, Manchester and Edinburgh. We also became partners with ESN UK, the largest student organisation in Europe!

The Team


Hey guys, I’m Bobby from Yorkshire—Don’t worry, my accent isn’t too strong.

With a background in organising events for International students for over 6 years throughout the UK I was beginning to wonder how I could further my passion in working with International students…which is where Citylife came along.

Combining my love for different cultures, languages, travel and events it became a dream recipe. If you see me around, in person or online don’t be afraid to say hi or as we say in Yorkshire ‘Ey up’.

Tarn Voraharn

Business Development Director
I joined Citylife UK in June 2019 as business partner and being appointed as business development director. With the background is in research, technology, and entrepreneurship, my mission with Citylife UK is to help strengthen the business foundation, maintain steady growth and extending the scale ability.

I have been an international student since 1996!, started when I was an exchange student in Kansas, USA. Later in 2000, I studied in the UK and completed my engineering PhD in 2015 at the University of Nottingham. I love introducing practical solutions and I consider myself an enthusiastic learner. With my experience, I hope to provide unique leisure service and help the integration to this amazing community.

Jack Parkes

Operations Director
Hey there guys - my name is Jack! Since joining, I have met loads of great people and I truly enjoy putting together opportunities for internationals to build lifelong friendships and experiences.

I am very dedicated to my role and I am mostly in charge of the operations related to the organisation of trips, events and activities, but I also enjoy spending time outside of the office, especially when I get to meet up with new international students who decide to participate in our engaging initiatives.

I am particularly fond of travelling and visiting new places during our international trips, which are probably one of my favourite parts included in many of Citylife's sectors!

Verdiana Scaglione

Marketing Management Intern & Blogger
Hey! I am an Italian student currently enrolled at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice under the address of International Politics.
I consider my experience at Citylife truly unique so far. Our community is definitely to be proud of and our staff is always friendly and available. I believe I fit perfectly into my role in Citylife’s team because I cherish any opportunity to communicate and stay in touch with people.
I am a great fan of travelling, writing, singing and especially of learning new languages (I am still on my way to improvement, but I already have a deep understanding of many, and currently speak three).

I have recently started to contribute to our blog section with my weekly posts, so go and check them out!

Marsela Rousta

Marketing Management Intern
I am an Erasmus student from Athens University of West Attica in Greece and have had various experiences abroad. My last one was in Germany, where I studied for about four months and met a group of new outgoing friends I am still in touch with!

I joined Citylife very recently (October 2019), but I already enjoy the atmosphere in here: both inside and outside! In fact, I am very excited about our activities and I would like to participate in all of them if possible. I really hope to have the chance to meet you in one of those. Having friends from all over the world is a must for me, because I truly treasure those small moments which can build a very strong community over time.

Yvonne Feng

Marketing Intern
Hey there, this is Yvonne aka 如梦 from China. I studied languages and translation for my whole University career and now I am a fresh graduate at Citylife UK.

For the past 3 years, I’ve studied in 3 countries and travelled in 21 countries. The encounters on the road have told the best story of my life and now I’d love to explore more with you guys. And I still want to learn more! So come and teach me some great expressions in your language for example. Also, as an amateur musician, dancer and photographer, I want to meet you with the same creative interests at Citylife. Let’s create some memories together!

Tattiana Ma

Business Development Intern
What’s the best decision I’ve ever made? Being an international student for sure!

6 years ago, my journey of being an international student began at Bath, UK. Going to Paris through Erasmus exchange program in 2016 is the highlight of this journey; I have shared my smiles and tears and learnt about different cultures with my Erasmus family.

Having been a student representative and a committee of sport clubs throughout my international student life made me understand the different needs of international students and that’s why I do my best to help them out. Citylife bridges international students up and I’m glad that this year, I can be the one to spice up your international experience.


As an international student myself in Brisbane (Australia), Madrid (Spain) and Nottingham (United Kingdom), I saw that being on an exchange and interacting with other internationals is an incredible experience!

Going out, travelling, meeting new people and making friends during your time abroad is amazing and the best thing you can do during your comparably short time in the United Kingdom.

We have founded Citylife UK in order facilitate the entire getting settled process for people from outside the United Kingdom. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal to offer the best social events, activities, trips and holidays for everyone.


Living and travelling abroad has been always part of my life. It all started during a highschool exchange to New Zealand in 2007. Since then I have travelled and lived all around the world. Just to give you an idea, I have done a university exchange to Florida in my Bachelor. I have volunteered in Argentina in South America before starting my Master in Nottingham. In the last years I have been to the Colombia and the Philippines.

During all travels I have made many friends all around the world who shared the same interests and luckily, I could always benefit from their personal experience. For that reason we started Citylife. We want to show people the beauty of the life in the UK from the perspective of a foreigner. Even more, we want you to have the best possible experience during your time abroad!