Let’s talk about Tea, Baby!

Standing in front of the Bird & Blend Tea & Co shop, I realized I walked past it at least 20 times, and I bet you have too! Well, I can tell you it is definitely worth taking a look inside. 
The comforting scent of different tea blends tickles my nose and I immediately feel more relaxed as I enter the shop on Victoria street. Old wooden shelves stocked with steel tea jars are piled up behind the counter. Samples of different brews and boxes with loose tea are put on display and infuse the air with their scent.  

Milk Oolong Chai Autumn Collection Bird & Blend Tea Co.

I am meeting Vic, the Trainee Manager in the Nottingham shop, who is just as heart-warming as the cup of milk oolong chai tea she places in front of me. One of the special autumn collection blends and perfect for everyone who is new to the world of chai teas. With subtle tones of ginger, cinnamon and chili, it is not too spicy; the ideal drink for a cold day.

Like all great things, Bird & Blend started really small. The two founders Krisi and Mike first started mixing different tea flavours in the bedroom of Krisi’s Mum. 
Since then, the two have opened 7 stores in the UK and ship their products worldwide – “Spreading happiness one cup at a time”; a concept they stayed true to right from the beginning.


But despite their success they never forgot their values, which is why they decided to turn down multiple supermarkets offering them to be their supplier. High quality and eco-friendliness are the values this award-winning company is based on and which are reflected in their products. 
Gift packaging made of corn starch, plastic-free tea bags, almost everything is biodegradable. Even the interior design is mostly recycled, mixing industrial with natural materials, distancing it from the old and heavily historical image of a tea company.

Milk & Honey Autumn Collection Bird & Blend Tea Co.

By giving discount to those who bring their own containers, the Bird & Blend team supports the plastic-free lifestyle. And speaking of Discount; they offer a 10% student discount, too! But even without those perks, prices starting at £3.20 for 8 to 10 cups of tea are pretty reasonable for the kind of quality you won’t find in the aisle of a supermarket.

Being new to the British culture of tea, Vic recommends blends like the “Great British Cuppa” for the traditional taste, “Rhubarb and Custard” for the sweeter tooth, or the “Chocolate Digestives” for not-so-guilty pleasure.


There’s always a seasonal limited collection, this autumn featuring blends like “Milk & Honey”, “Ginger Nuts” or “Honey I’m Comb”, all completely vegan. But the highlight is their collection of 19 different flavours of Matcha, the world’s biggest collection actually! Did you know that this green powder is the best hangover-destroyer and a detox wonder for the liver? Make sure to have some of it at home for the morning after your next party night! If you want to know more about the art of mixology, the wonders of Matcha tea, or how to turn a cup of tea into a fancy cocktail, we from Citylife Nottingham are thrilled to announce that Bird & Blend are our newest event partners! You can book our first exclusive Tea Tasting “Let’s talk about Tea, Baby” on 22. October here .

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