Unique study spots in Manchester

The university library can get super busy especially during exam time and let’s admit it – its kinda boring studying in the same place all semester. Well, that’s if you’re lucky enough to find a seat! Here are a few alternative study spots to get your creativity oozing out!

1. Anchor Coffee House

The Anchor is a lovely coffee shop situated in one of the by lanes off Oxford Road, just before the curry mile. They have tables with charging points if you want to work on your laptop, as well as sofas for more relaxed readers. They make great bagels too, in case you get a bit hungry!

Anchor coffee house

2. Chapter One

This is a super cute café located near Piccadilly Gardens. With a little water fountain in the middle, the café has lots of little corners with tables, sofas and benches. The perfect place to get inspired!

Glazed cafe

3. Whitworth gallery café

Sometimes known as the ‘café in the trees’, Whitworth café is a part of Whitworth gallery and is located in a park. Its glass walls give you a feeling of being surrounded by nature and its pretty magical with the awesome view. If you’re lucky, you can grab a table with a charging point for your laptop!

4. John Rylands Library

If you prefer a more ancient setting with Victorian architecture and a super quiet environment, John Rylands might be a good fit. It is located in Deansgate, about a mile from Piccadilly and it is open on weekends too. They have reading rooms and have some world renowned collections and manuscripts. Pretty cool, eh?

5. Takk

Takk is a newly opened café in Manchester with an earthy appearance (lots of woody chairs and tables). Their newest branch is at the University of Manchester business school building – it has lovely little restaurants which give you a feel of being in the city centre.

Apart from making great coffee, Takk is a nice study place as you are in the university campus without actually feeling like it.

Cofe shop

6. Friska

Located just next to Takk, Friska is known for it’s super tasty and healthy brunch and meals. The study environment is nice and bright and has a real positive feel to it. Oh and Friska offers free coffee if you download their app so there’s no harm giving it a try!


7. Milk and Honey

This vegan-friendly café located near the tin-can building at the university (well, lets just say where the Chaplaincy is at St. Peter’s House). With streaming lights and potted plants, it can make for a good study spot away from computer screens and typing sounds (yes, the library!)

Have we missed any good study spots that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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