Top Five Parks in Nottingham

Nottingham is a very green city, with parks spread all around. In fact, it’s rare to walk around without walking past a patch of green, but we understand that sometimes it’s hard to stop and appreciate nature. So we’ve listed the five best parks in Nottingham so you know which ones you should example when you have a day off!

University Park Campus

If you’re a University of Nottingham student you’ll know about this one, and the name ‘Park’ is no joke. While it might be home to students and lecture rooms, the prettiest campus in the UK also boasts a lake you can boat on in the summer, a mini golf course and an outdoor play area for children and families. 

A walk around the woods surrounding the lake is a must, and Lakeside Arts hosts art exhibitions and performances all throughout the year. As well as the beautiful architecture, there are lots of secret gardens scattered around – see how many you can find!

A secret garden on University Park – how many can you find?

Wollaton Park

At a staggering 2km2, Wollaton Park – near University Park Campus – is even bigger than London’s famous Hyde Park.

Known for its Hall (which was used as Wayne Manor, Batman’s house in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises), the Park is also home to a golf course, natural history museum, industrial museum, golf course, and a number of beautiful lakes. 

It might be the perfect place to see the sun rise or set, but the best thing about Wollaton Park are the deer – see how many you can spot next time you’re visiting for a picnic! 

The deer and Hall might be its main attractions, but there’s much more to see in Wollaton Park than just these!

The Arboretum

Just outside Nottingham’s city centre, the Arboretum is the city’s oldest established park, and sprawls into Nottingham General Cemetery. Both are nice for a walk on a summer day (the cemetery can be a bit creepy during autumn!) but it’s amongst all the trees at the Arboretum that you’ll find Nottingham Trent students chilling out between lectures and deadlines. 

Photo credit:  ‘The Arboretum’ by Dun.can on Flickr (view licence

The Forest Recreation Ground, Forest Fields

Forest Fields might not be special in themselves – they’re exactly that, Fields – but you’ll find yourself there if you pay a visit to Nottingham’s annual  Goose Fair. Many other events, such as November’s fireworks, are held in the Forest Recreation Ground throughout the year, but it’s a good area to go for a walk or play some sports anytime. 

Forest Fields transforms into Europe’s largest travelling fair in October for Goose Fair, but it’s a great place to chill and play some football all year round.

Sherwood Forest

This is cheating a bit as Sherwood Forest is quite far away from Nottingham city, but as home to Nottinghamshire’s most famous resident, Robin Hood, we couldn’t leave it out of this list. 

Sherwood Forest is easily accessible by bus from Nottingham’s Victoria Coach Station, and is the perfect place to see the leaves turn green on a spring day. Visit the Major Oak, which was the famous outlaw’s hideout, and learn all about the history of the Forest and the city at the brand new Visitor Centre, which opened in 2018.

Photo credit: ‘Slender Sherwood Forest’ by Lee Haywood on Flickr (view licence)

This blog has been written by Matteo Everett

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