Top 9 Meat Free Eateries in Manchester

Manchester is a place that caters to all people, cultures, and beliefs, and one scene that’s taken the city by storm over the past couple years is the meat-free, save the world, cruelty-free stance on food, and everything else in life, and it’s been responsible for some of the best culinary creations in Manchester that can be enjoyed by veggie/vegans and meat-eaters a like.

Though, after watching my friend and his ex-girlfriend squabble about where to eat out (she was veggie, he wasn’t) and often just ending up at Frankie and Benny’s (again), we figured out that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find a decent veggie/vegan option that pleases both parties… so we wanted to throw all of our favourite vegetarian and vegan food joints in one place, ready to be enjoyed by all!


Bundobust – Piccadilly

It would be rude of us not to start with Bundobust, the Okra Fries, the Vada Pav and the equally as vegan craft beer; it’s the pinnacle of Mancunian veganism. 
The underground Indian street food sensation on Piccadilly has become a hot spot for vegans and meat-eaters a like. 
So, whether you’re after a bite to eat, or a couple of pints, Bundobust is always first on our list.

V Rev – Edge Street

Burgers, hot dogs, CHEESE! It’s junk food that doesn’t cost the earth!
The Northern Quarter diner boasts an impressive menu with their take on some of the food that on-the-fence wanting-to-try-vegan meat eaters say they can’t live without.

GRUB – Baring Street

Every Sunday 12-6pm sees baring street’s Mayfield backyard BBQ turn into a vegan wonderland courtesy of Rainy City favourites GRUB!
Their street food container yard, topped off with a smashing craft beer bar, gets taken over by street foodies such as the likes of The Otto-men serving up Mediterranean Mezze, Vaso Kitchen spicing things up with their Indian street food, and Wallace and Son’s dishing up their famous vegan baos!


“All of our favourite vegetarian and vegan food joints in one place, ready to be enjoyed by all!”


The Pasta Factory – Shudehill

Pasta is the go-to for almost every vegetarian, a whole lot of carbs and healthy helping of scrumptious sauce, and cheese don’t forget the cheese, but The Pasta Factory have come up with a dish or two that are 100% vegan, including their green spaghetti “alla chitarra” tossed in a creamy & delicate courgettes, cashews & basil sauce, topped with their homemade vegan parmesan!

The Deaf Institute – Grosvenor Street

Deaf isn’t just one of the prettiest buildings in the city, it’s also one of the best vegan options on offer too!
The menu is over 75% vegan with dishes like cauliflower tikka masala, their mac and cheese dog and the holy seitan burger amongst the highlights, all being served up in the dimly lit historic dining hall in the heart of the Manchester Metropolitan University campus.

Rudy’s – Ancoats & Peter Street

When it comes to veggie food, pizza is the first thing that comes to mind… if we’re honest, pizza is the first thing that comes to men when we think of food in general. But when we think of pizza, we immediately think of Rudy’s. But, did you know they have a vegan pizza too? Well now you do.
The Napoli style pizza joint that’s taken Ancoats by storm and now made their way over to Peter Street is the answer to all your veggie and vegan problems!

Mowgli – Corn Exchange

Mowgli Indian Street Food has been making a right splash in Manchester since opening in The Corn Exchange earlier last year, so much so that there’s another one in the works for Oxford Road that’s set to open next year!
The original menu already had a fair amount of veggie/vegan options like the potato curry that is o-so good, but now the restaurant features an entirely vegan menu with offerings such as Picnic Potato Curry, Green Ginger and Rhubarb Dahl and the Bhel Puri.


My Thai – John Dalton Street & Tib Street

A shack in the heart of Manchester serving up food as Thai as possible! The Thai street food option is the most authentic taste of Thailand we’ve stumbled across yet and as with the nature of Thai food, there’s a lot of whole lot of good stuff.
The menu is pretty spectacular and most meat options (that will please your carnivorous friends), comes with a tofu alternative for you.

Evelyn’s – Tib Street

Evelyn’s pretty little set up on Tib Street is one of, if not the most aesthetically-pleasing establishment in Manchester and has vegan options in abundance.
The various menus they have on offer throughout the week are jam packed with vegan treats from starters, small plates, mains and even deserts. Our tip is the vegan roast they do every Sunday, find a better one in the city and we’re buying… seriously.

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