Top 6 Sporty Indoor Activities in Manchester

1. Put the crazy into crazy golf

Junkyard Golf recently moved from Piccadily to First Street and done the impossible and became even more crazy! The 18-hole venue can be fun for all the family or you can factor in the whacky cocktail menu and make it a date night with a competitive edge. Either way, it’s tonnes of fun, not too pricey, it’s open all year round and it’s one of those cool little quirky features that we love here in Manchester.


2. Set them up and strike them down on Whitworth West

Dog Bowl is a favourite here in Manchester, especially weekdays before 5pm; beer, burger and bowl for a tenner? Yes, please! If you’ve not been (but let’s face it most of you will have been) it’s a cosy little boutique bowling alley with a mean Tex-Mex style food menu, that with a student dog tag you can get serious discounts on like 50% bowling, 25% off food, drink deals and you can even get FREE pool table use over at their sister site Blackdog Ballroom; what’s not to love?!

“Manchester offers a variety of sport activities for everyone!”

3. Grab an axe and swing your frustrations away

February 2017 saw the introduction of Whistle Punks to the already booming Great Northern Warehouse and we couldn’t be happier. I mean we could, it could be a little bit cheaper and that’s the only reason it’s so far down on our list (but with a list this good, that’s not saying much). Though £20-25 isn’t the most expensive thing in the world and it’s definitely not something you’re going to be doing every week, but for a date, a night out with the lads with a twist and all that jazz, it’s well worth it and a proper enjoyable evening.


4. Dive out of a plane, without all the hassle of jumping out of a plane…

Over in Trafford City you can sky dive INDOOR in the UK’s first 14ft iFLY wind tunnel. First time flyers can sign up and book for just under £50, though keep an eye out because there’s plenty of offers flying around to make it a whole lot cheaper.

5. Slip and slide all over Altrincham

There are two types of people on this world, those who love ice skating and those, well those who are wrong. Silver Blades over in Altrincham is the one permanent ice rink in Manchester and we love heading over for a free skate session whenever we get chance! The rink is huge and well looked after because the mighty Manchester Phoenix hockey team play there and last time we checked it was something like £7 for the hour? It’s just a tram ride away and makes for the perfect date night, perfect family outing and perfect mate date.


6. Rip it up on the track

Over by Old Trafford you’ll find Daytona go-kart track and there are few things quite as fun as getting your mates together and racing around the tarmac GP circuit, and at £20 for arrive and drive sessions, it’s not the most expensive day out in the world either!

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