Top 5 places to enjoy spring weather in Loughborough

1. The Outwoods

It is said that Spring is the best time for a long walk, as such we give you the first of our recommendations. Enjoy the quietly and the Loughborough views while testing your environment knowledge: you will find lots of different trees and geological formations, as long as some small streams. Perfect for a morning stroll!

Encliffe park

2. Cloud Trail

Why not visiting the countryside while riding a bike? I beg you to consider this option and joining the Cloud Trail, a bike route among meadows, forests and some isolated farms.

Although you can do it by running, you will see it all in a day in a two wheels vehicle. Don’t forget your helmet!

Bike trail

3. Whatton House

If you are looking for a more relaxing outside plan, Whatton House is your place! Enjoy its gorgeous gardens while refreshing under its trees. Located close to the city, you will find there so many Instagram spots!


4. Bradgate Park

Have we recommended you enough outdoors places! Well, it is never enough, specially when we reckon about Bradgate Park. Sit by the river while admiring the deer’s herds (nothing to envy Nottingham Wollaton Park), or maybe explore the surrounding hills and discover the ancient oak trees there. Really worthy.

deers park

5. The White Hart

After visiting the deer park, why not mingling in a facade deer pub? The White Hart has everything you would like to find in a typical British pub. Casting aside the food and local beers, you might also find live music there, just pop in the right day! It also has a terrace, a more than welcome space for refreshing and chilling out.

friends and wine

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