Top 10 tips to make the most out of this summer

It’s the time of the year you have been waiting for all year. No school, the sun is shining, and you can finally enjoy some longer days. Here are the top 10 tips to make the most out of this summer.

1. Get away!

Get a group of friends and plan a trip together. Whether it be a beach trip to another country or hiking a few miles away from home you are bound to enjoy a new adventure with people you love.

summer hiking

2. Treat yo’ self.

You have survived another school year, reward yourself with that one item you have been dying to have (within reason of course).

3. Attend a music festival.

So many cities in England, including London and Leeds, host summer music festivals. With many options you are bound to find one that you fancy.

summer festival

4. Relax!

Spend a few hours out by the pool or beach. Nothing is as relaxing as doing nothing while baking in the sun. Enjoy the days of warm sun while you can!

5. Try something new.

Discover a new hobby. It’s possible you have more free time during the summer than you do during the school year so take this time to find a new activity you love and learn as much as you possibly can about it

6. Make a new friend.

Go out with the intentions to meet a new person. Burst through your comfort zone and do something different. You never know you may meet your BFF in this process.

summer friends

7. Enjoy good food with friends.

Organize a potluck lunch with your friends. Have everyone bring a fun food item and enjoy good food, conversation, and nice weather.

8. Go see a movie.

A lot of new movies are released during the summer months. Go to your local cinema and check out one of the hottest flicks.

summer cinema

9. Be lazy.

Spend one day doing exactly what YOU want to do, even if that means staying in bed and binge watching Netflix.

10. Teach yourself something.

Read a book and educate yourself on a topic that interests you. Spend your summer months learning about something new you are passionate about. That way you will have a lot of great fun facts to share with your friends when you are reunited!

summer book

All of us from Citylife hope you have a great summer and enjoy whatever you have planned!

Citylife Team

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