Top 10 things to do on a rainy day in Nottingham

We all know the winter season is quickly approaching. There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to during this time but something we can’t forget about is the rain. Here are the top 10 things to do in Nottingham to help you keep dry and enjoy these rainy days.


1. Take a trip to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Walking distance from the city center sits this little pub that claims to be the oldest in England. This is a must see while living in Nottingham so might as well get yourself a pint and some warm English pub food while the rain pours down.

2. Go to the movies

Savoy Cinema is the only surviving pre-World War 2 cinema in Nottingham. Not only does the cinema have some awesome history they also have great student deals. You can spend less than £5 and go see one of the newest films. Perfect way to pass a rainy day.


3. Shopping

The Nottingham City Centre is full of fun shops to browse. The Victoria Centre is jam packed with stores selling anything from clothing to electronics. You will definitely find something that you fancy while exploring the Victoria Centre. And you will be staying dry and indoors, avoiding the cold and wet weather.

4. Relax in a local coffee shop

Costa, Coco Tang, 200 Degrees, and of course Starbucks there are many options around Nottingham where you can enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea.


5. The Lost City Adventure Golf

You will find this place at the bottom of the corner house. There are two 18-hole courses complete with a tiki bar! Students can play 38 holes for only £10 or 18 holes for £6.

6. Funstation Arcade

If you climb to the top floor of the Cornerhouse you will find the Funstation Arcade. Here you can play miniature bowling, Deal or No Deal, and various other arcade games all in hopes of winning tickets to exchange for prices.


7. Casinos

If an adult arcade is more your thing you can check out one of the many casinos in the Nottingham City Centre. Alea Casino, Grosvenor Casino, and Genting Casino are a few big names in the city worth checking out.

8. Discover Planet Bounce

If you want a day or night full of fun and bouncing check out Planet Bounce. It is an arena full of inflatable obstacles to explore and bounce. On Sunday nights there is a session for those 18 and older and you get a FREE drink!


9. Wollaton Park

If you are feeling brave and don’t mind getting wet, you could take the rainy day to explore Wollaton Park with fewer visitors. After enjoying seeing the deer and beautiful sites you could dry off in the Nottingham Natural History Museum.

10. Tour the City of Caves

The City of Caves is part of a hidden maze of over 500 original sandstone caves underneath the streets of Nottingham. These caves date back to the dark ages! 

There is plenty to do and see in Nottingham, rain or shine! On those rainy days you don’t want to stay inside and binge watch Netflix. Go explore some of these incredible locations around Nottingham! And remember, sometimes the best thing to do is grab that umbrella and go enjoy some typical British weather.

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