Top 10 Things to do in Sheffield for International Students

1. Dancing in West Street

As we all know, Sheffield is known as a well-liked student city; hence it has an amazing music scene. Not to mention it is also home of the world-famous band Arctic Monkeys. Whether it’s jazz, rock, pop, indie or even metal rock you’re looking for, you can be assured that you can find a place here in Sheffield to suit your taste. 
West street particularly has a seriously fun club and concert scene showcasing West Street Live for a blast from the past, Bierkeller with its quirky indie scene where people are known to dance on the tables and even Viper Rooms for your favourite pop chart hits. 
If all of these sound amazing to you, check out The University of Sheffield’s very own night out called Pop Tarts! This is the best way to immerse yourself into British music, and don’t worry if alcohol isn’t your thing, you’re not alone and nights out in Sheffield are just as fun!


2. A trip to the theatres

I never got the chance to watch plays or musicals before University. If you’re anything like me, Sheffield is the best place to dip your toe into the theatre scene especially with really affordable student tickets, as low as £5. 
The Crucible and Lyceum theatres are the best places to start as tons of famous plays and musicals perform here. Some notable names coming soon are A Midsummer Night‘s Dream, Rock of Ages, Gypsy the Musical and so much more. Bring your friends and indulge in the best of British theatre!

3. Eating out on London Road

If you’re looking for affordable food from all over the globe, London Road south to the University of Sheffield campus is the best place to go. From Mexico to Vietnam and Turkey to Japan, it has it all to satisfy any craving. If you’re looking to try local English food, take a trip to The Beer Engine and order their famous Sunday Roast. 
Don’t worry if you’re missing home, because London Road probably has its cuisine, the most popular ones being Zeugma (Turkish), Yama Sushi (Japanese) and Saigon 68 (Thai). This is the best place to go to travel around the world without leaving Sheffield.

4. The Sheffield Christmas Market

Coming to Sheffield, I wasn’t expecting to see snow for the first time. So, this is definitely something you can experience as well, the amazement of the first day of snow! Want to get more into the festive spirit? Head down to the Christmas Market in the city centre and enjoy all things Christmas from shops that sell thick cosy sweaters to soaking up a warm hot chocolate. 
This is also the best place to buy a Christmas present for a family or friend! The Christmas Market is a definite must-see, just a walk through the market is amazing as you witness colourful lights thrown across the entire city.

5. CityLife Events

Taking a trip with CityLife is a great way to meet other international students or hang out with your friends. They plan numerous trips throughout the year to the Stonehenge, Dublin, Cambridge, Scottish Highlands and also Sheffield’s very own Peak District. 
Everything is planned out for you from transport to guided tours, so bring yourself around and be assured that you’ll have an amazing time. This is one of the best ways to glimpse and explore the wonders of the UK, don’t miss out on the chance!


6. Get involved in societies

It’s a different country with different types of people all around; hence joining a society of your choice with the University of Sheffield is a sure way to meet new people outside your course and make lasting friendships. 
Check out the University’s activities fair in the Student’s Union to see all there is to offer and don’t be shy to sign up for a bunch of societies to figure out which is best suited for you. Trampoline, 3D printing, baking, film making; these are just a very small portion of what the University has to offer. If you’re shy, sign up with a friend! This is such a great way to talk to new people from all over and take a break from your studies.

7. Fireworks (Guy Fawkes) night

As the days were leading up to Guy Fawkes night, I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never heard of the event. To my surprise, this day (November 5th) is the day where the British celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the House of Lords, it is said that bonfires were set for months after that day in celebration. 
Enjoy this quirky tradition by taking your friends up to Bole Hills where you can witness a great array of fireworks the entire night. Book tickets with the University to enjoy a free hot chocolate as well!

8. Have a barbeque at Weston Park

As the snow melts and summer rolls around, the best way the people of Sheffield have found to celebrate is by buying a cheap barbeque kit from any supermarket, heading up to the vast fields of Weston Park and cooking up delicious meats and vegetables with your friends. After being stuck inside from the cold, this is personally my favourite way of breaking out and soaking up the sunshine. Grab a kit and enjoy!

9. Sheffield Colour Run

Once a year, Sheffield has it’s vibrant 5K colour run where its unique route takes you through all the scenic areas in the city. This event is one to look out for as students from all over Sheffield run and party together. Everyone runs in a white Colour Run shirt that ends up splattered with colour, try to spot yourself in pictures on the official Sheffield Colour Run Instagram page!


10. Sharrow Lantern Carnival

Come to the Sharrow Lantern Carnival and bring your lantern along with you! Don’t worry if you can’t make one, there are plenty of workshops to join before the big day. As well as the ever more creative lanterns, there’ll be samba dancing, fire spinning, hula hooping, music and food. The best part? It’s all totally free. The whole city comes together and witnesses the burst of colour and creativity.

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