Top 10 eateries in Manchester

Manchester is known for its diversity and multi-ethnic population. No surprise then, you’ll find restaurants and eateries with all sorts of cuisines from over the globe.

Here are our top 10 in Manchester.

1. Dimitri’s

Dimitri’s has mouth-watering Greek food and a lovely ambience. They have traditional food with authentic taste.

There is a special outdoor section with trees and architecture replicating a Greek street – that’s something unique which sets this restaurant apart from many others in the city.

Greek salad

2. Evelyns

Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Evelyn’s is a pretty little restaurant which focuses on vegan and glute free dishes.

It has plants hanging from the ceilings and a busy open kitchen- great vibes! A must try for delicious pancakes and a hearty brunch.


3. Pho

Thinking delicious noodle soups, spring rolls and curries? Here is lip-smacking and flavourful Vietnamese food right at your doorstep!

They do interesting drinks too and oh, not to miss their viet coffee.

beef-black-background-bowl- 3

4. Mowgli

A beautifully decorated and well-lit romantic restaurant- newly opened near the university. They serve Indian food with a twist.

Their exotic dishes have a mix of Indian and British taste. Their service is impeccable too. Slightly on the expensive side, but definitely worth the visit.

Curry food

5. Manjaros

A very reasonably priced African-Caribbean restaurant right on Curry mile.

With zesty and spicy flavours, and their famous ‘Manjaros sauce’ this is a go-to place if you are fond of getting your taste buds on fire! They do really good deals if you follow their facebook page.


6. Ziya Asian grill

Another Indian restaurant in Manchester, but one that is pretty traditional in comparison to Mowgli. Ziya serves food that tastes pretty much like home-made curry (good thing is they don’t have the excess oil that takeaways have).

Top tip: ask for their street food menu if you visit in the afternoon.

Indian food

7. Red Chilli

Red Chilli has many branches around the UK and a few in Manchester.

They serve a variety of dishes from gung bao chicken to sizzling aubergine, tofu and beef cooked to perfection! They also offer student discount and good deals at lunch time.

batch close up cooking New Gong Bao Ji Ding Sichuan Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

8. Walnut

A newly refurbished Persian restaurant on the curry mile. It has beautiful décor and a very homely environment.

Don’t miss the very traditional ‘Abgoosht’ served in an authentic style. They have enormous portions and are really well priced too (important info for us students!)

persian rice

9. Iberica

Looking for some Spanish tapas or paella? Iberica, located in Spinningfields, has two outdoor terraces and a lavish bar with a variety of wines to choose from.

Visit this place for some very fine Spanish food and drinks!

Spanish tapas

10. Comptoir Libanais

Healthy and fresh middle-eastern cuisine, ranging from mezze and tagine kebabs to baklava and authentic tea.

The restaurant has a fascinating and colourful backdrop. Great service and ambience and delicious food- what a combo!

Are there any restaurants or eateries in Manchester that you’d recommend a fellow student? Let us know in the comments below!

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