Top 10 eateries for every taste and diet


Turtle Bay is a restaurant that will bring you the Caribbean culture with an eclectic mix of food in their menu.

Besides serving the kind of food Islanders enjoy in the streets or at home, Turtle Bay also offers a wide selection of island drinks, the final touch you needed to feel like you are lying in the beach without taking any planes.

Caribbean Cocktails


…and so will you! If you are into Italian food, this is the place for you.

Far from the typical Italian pizzeria, Sexy Mama Loves Spaguetti is a rustic and cozy place with a very intimate atmosphere where you can enjoy a variety of great Italian dishes.



The Cod’s Scallops is an award-winning fish and chips restaurant. You can’t say you have tried British famous fish and chip dish until you’ve tried it there.

You can have a variety of fresh fish (over 20 species) and cooked as preferred: battered or in a healthier and gluten free version, naked or baked with lemon and herb.

Cod and chips


Buenas noticias! You don’t have to go to Spain (although you should) to enjoy the Spanish tapas. Located in the heart of Hockley, Bar Iberico is an ideal place with relaxed atmosphere to grab a bite with friends (and share some tapas).

There are vegetarian options in the menu and great traditional desserts, such as churros with hot chocolate (which are usually eaten for breakfast after partying all night in Spanish culture).

Spanish tapas


Annie’s Burger Shack brings authentic American food to Nottingham for burger lovers (with vegan and vegetarian options too).

Even though their amazing burgers are what they are famous for, they do offer something you’ll probably love too: daily breakfast takeout hotline from 7:30 to 10am – the great cure for hangovers!

Burgers restaurant


This small independent chain is perfect if you want to feel the Britishness in every inch of the restaurant. George’s is decorated with a nautical theme, the Great British Seaside, and offers a variety of “proper” British dishes.

Among the British menu, there are other international dishes (just in case you aren’t in the mood for British food), from mushroom curry to burgers and steak.

English breakfast


We couldn’t leave Indian cuisine out of the list. Calcutta Club is an Indian restaurant that won’t leave you indifferent.

Probably one of the best in Nottingham as it offers authentic Indian dishes and not only the typical curry you expect. Definitely a must if you are looking for good Indian food.

Indian food


Continuing with Asian food, Mandarin Restaurant is the perfect example for Chinese food lovers.

The menu is full of Southern Cantonese food options, from soups to chicken, pork or fish dishes, including a very large selection of vegetarian ones.

Chinese food


You can find Nottingham Street Food Club on the upper floor of Intu Victoria’s centre Clocktower dining. This independent indoor street food market is manned by local independent traders.

They rotate small businesses throughout the course of the year such as Homeboys, the Secret Burger Club, Taste of Korea and Smoqued, allowing people to eat global while dining local. This is combined with live music evenings, which is why is worth a visit!

Burgers 2


This pub full of history was fully refurbished in 2016 and now offers the great combination of delicious food with a wide range of beers.

The microbrewery creates its own vegan ales in-house and its menu also has vegan and vegetarian versions of almost every dish: burgers, burritos, kebabs, sandwiches…

Vegan ales

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