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As an international student you’re going to be paying for travel, health insurance and tuition fee. This itself could total up to quite a bit of money. So, if you’re looking to save money while you live and study in Sheffield here are some things I’ve learned over my first year in the University of Sheffield. 

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Catered vs non-catered

As a student travelling from Indonesia and visiting the UK for the first time for University, I imagined it would be quite a lot of adjusting that I had to get used to, so personally I opted for a catered accommodation if you are to choose to live with the university. My meals were one less thing to think of while I was still trying to get a handle of things. 
The benefit of choosing catered in Sheffield is that by the end of the week the money in your catered card rolls over to the next year, you can save up this way and use the leftover money for second year. Though, as you can imagine this is the more expensive option.If you are used to cooking your own meals at home and have no problem with grocery shopping, non-catered accommodation is the best option by far. 
By budgeting yourself each week for food shopping, you can end up saving a lot of money. Buy big bags of pasta and rice that lasts months instead of small packages that cost you more in the end. 
Learning to cook and not eating out is one of the best ways to save! You can choose the option that is more comfortable for you. 

“Don´t be shy to ask for student discount “

Budgeting apps

Do not underestimate the power of budgeting apps as they help you figure out which areas you need to cut back on and which areas you can afford to invest in more. Like many students, I slowly lost the motivation to use such apps but having them for the first few months of university can help you loads as you can tweak and adjust your budget accordingly. 
It’s also good to track how much you’re spending each month. You can identify areas where you could perhaps save a few pounds (like opting for a packed lunch instead of a meal deal), this could also mean you have a bit extra to treat yourself every now and then!


Student discounts

When you live in a student city like Sheffield, you have student discounts in almost every major store and in lots of little restaurants. Don’t be shy to ask if they offer one as saving even 10% could go a long way. Even the bus has a student discount! 


Student jobs

The University of Sheffield has its very own job shop and career connect (found online) where you can look through available jobs in the area. The best ones out there are on-campus jobs as they are usually short hours and pay more, so this is best if you’re on a tight schedule. Keep a look out on your university emails as every now and then a temporary job position pops up such as becoming a student ambassador on open days! 
Other positions you can find on-campusare bartending or waiting staff jobs in the university bar or assisting staff to someone working in the Student’s Union.

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