Tips for Italian Students: To Work Abroad or Not?

Making the decision to work abroad requires dedication and effort. For anyone. But this post is mostly dedicated to dear Italian students who are unsure whether to work abroad or not during their studies and are in need of some simple tips.

Why Italians?

I am an Italian student currently working in the UK and I think sharing my ideas about this topic might be helpful for you!

Some context…

…Is it really a choice or a necessity?

Most Italians are traditionally patriotic and have usually been more likely to remain in their own country, but things have changed in the last few years: the emigration rate from Italy drastically increased, mainly because of the lack of employment opportunities. As a result, many people don’t really choose to migrate but are in some way forced to do so, and they end up leaving the Italian country in its own emptiness and desolation… Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit here, but you know what I mean

Back in time: Origins of the Human Capital Flight

The Human Capital Flight is a famous phenomenon, which consists in human migration and it surely didn’t start now, but after World War II when many scientists and technologists from Europe migrated to North America.

The Royal Society of London defined this event with the words “brain drain” (for the European countries in this case) and later with “brain gain” (for the American countries which effectively acquired talented Europeans)

After this boring and short clarification, I can confirm in more detail that the human migration (mostly of students) is a complicated occurrence, which definitely cannot be solved by unequivocal answers.

However, I’ll give you some stimulating reasons for both the possible choices:

Reasons why you probably should work abroad

Better opportunities

It’s true, let’s not lie to ourselves here. Some places offer way better job opportunities than others, and it will be just up to you to choose somewhere that captivates your interest! If you were thinking of the UK, take a look at our website and let us help you organise your stay in one of our cities!

Be in touch with a new culture

There is a lot to find out about new lifestyles. You can learn a new language or find new friends, which you can party, have fun and skip Uni with… All right, maybe not the last one

Learn how to be open-minded

Staying in another country for multiple months is an experience which will never leave you! Think of it as a way of adding colour to your personality

Reasons why you probably shouldn’t work abroad (for too long)


If you have a loving Italian family and you are particularly attached to it, living abroad for long could end up making you unhappy. It definitely depends on the situation, but think about this possibility

New approaches and points of view

New perspectives and ways of thinking might not meet your intentions or the principles you grew up with. Keep in mind that Italian people are unique: very laid-back, passionate and loud (in the good and in the bad); it is unlikely to find a similar environment abroad.

Food, food and food

Italian food is a blessing, leaving a place that produces such goodness is crazy and you should be ashamed for even thinking about that. (If you have to leave for a long time, be sure to at least keep a lasagne box in your bag for any emergencies)

These were just some personal ideas, but remember you are not chained to anything! You can always just spend a few months abroad and then come back if you ever feel homesick.

The last thing: always remember your origins, being an international is great, but don’t forget where you grew up in.

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