The Best and Most Unique Cinemas in Leeds

Is the new Christopher Nolan’s movie coming out and you really do not want to miss it? …Or were you maybe thinking of watching another Disney remake? Whatever your tastes in movies are (it’s great to feel passionate about a specific genre), I believe that after choosing what you are watching you would be interested in finding the right place where to watch it.

I’m going to try and help you with this strenuous and back-breaking choice by listing some of my absolute favourite cinemas in Leeds!

Everyman Cinema

Objectively one of the best cinemas in Leeds. If you really enjoy staying in a cosy atmosphere while watching a movie with your family or friends, this location is made for you!

Everyman Cinemas doesn’t only offer a large variety of films, but also special events like the Metropolitan Opera from New York and the National Theatre, live Q&As and film festivals. 

The cinema in Leeds has four screens, one screening room, a bar and an outdoor terrace which are also available for private hire!

Just one last thing: be careful not to fall asleep in their sofas

Oakwood Cinema

This is not a super modern cinema made to glorify progress and technology, but an organisation run by volunteers.

The idea is to help bring Leeds’ community together and to provide an original experience at a local cinema. 

But yet, this doesn’t mean that it lacks something. In fact, Oakwood cinema offers excellent service. Its major feature involves bringing the new and old cinema together: great screens and sound, but also breaks during the movies which will make you want to socialise with other cinema-lovers… or eat more snacks 

Ilkley Cinema

Warm. Fluffy. Homely. This is Ilkley cinema for you.

A large variety of Indie movies, along with theatre, opera, dance, music and sport events from all around the globe.

It offers lots of special screenings as well that I personally suggest to check out! And well… of course also a tasty selection of Food & Drinks (alright, enough about snacks)

Cottage Road Cinema

Cottage Road Cinema is the oldest and only independent cinema in Leeds, it is still active and showing films since 1912!

It risked being closed to the public in 2005, but in a last minute deal the cinema was taken over by Mr Morris and it became part of the Northern Morris Group.

Something very distinctive about the Cottage Road is the special classic film night “Classics at the Cottage”. It occurs every 6 weeks and it represents a great way of preserving the immense patrimony of cinema.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking: “Why would I ever watch movies from the 900s if I can just breathe in the amazing progress of technology in the new 6D film that’s coming out this weekend?”.

Honestly, I think that technology is extremely relevant nowadays and that it has achieved truly beneficial accomplishments for everyone. So, the quote above is probably something that personally I would say or better, would have. I have realised how crucial (and fun!) it is to start from the basics and to take a look at how what we now call the world of cinema used to be.

Just pick one of the many classics that the Cottage Road has to offer and start your adventure in discovery of the unique magic of cinema.

The Hyde Park Picture House

Along with the Cottage Road, the Hyde Park Picture House is one of the only two surviving original single-screen cinemas in Leeds.

The cinema retains many original features, including an external ticket booth and a very welcoming and cosy atmosphere inside, although its aims are to renew most of the spaces open to the public.

The Picture House Project is specifically conceived to offer a more sustainable and accessible look to the cinema while still preserving its historic features. It will be happening in the next few months, so be sure to follow their progress!

This was the list of my favourite cinemas in Leeds, I hope you found it helpful and inspiring.

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