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Top 10 eateries for every taste and diet

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February 27, 2019
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1) Street Food Chef

The Street Food Chef caters to a variety of tastes and flavours as their burritos and tacos can contain slow-cooked pulled pork to bean, chilli and guacamole. The owners have done a great job in making the restaurant feel as authentic as possible with the funky décor inside.

Make sure you grab a breakfast burrito as well on your way to University or work, and if you’re feeling up to the challenge have a taste of their chilli brownies!

2) Bar One

Bar One is the Sheffield University owned bar that is welcomed to all with a giant menu of burgers and fries. They also cater to their gluten-free and vegan customers!

From crispy honey fried chicken tacos to Portobello mushroom burgers, it’s is definitely worth a try especially in the coming summer!

3) The Doctor’s Orders

Sure it has a ton of dishes on its everyday menu, but come on a Sunday for a Sunday Roast and you will be fulfilled with a generous serving of mash and Sheffield’s famous Yorkshire puddings. Their vegetarian version of the Sunday Roast has also created quite a reputation!

4) Pitcher & Piano

With its lush flower and seating arrangement, it’s hard not to be amazed when entering the Pitcher & Piano. Not to mention the various kinds of cocktails you can order including a breakfast mimosa to go along with their fluffy American pancakes. It’s definitely worth a try to pop over!

5) The Steamyard

Two words; fancy and toast. The Steamyard is known for their homemade breads and jams such as peanut butter and strawberry lime jelly on brioche with gluten-free options as well! it’s hard not to buy one or two whilst you’re there! Its outdoor cosy seating is another plus especially during the sunnier days.

6) Forge Bakehouse

With its simplistic interior design and outside seating, you can choose where to enjoy your morning coffee and croissant or a leisure weekend brunch. As you walk in, the smell of fresh bread will keep you in all day.

7) Akbar’s

If you’re feeling an Indian for the night, Akbar’s is the place to go with curries and naans of any flavour to cater to any taste. Come for a meal on your birthday and enjoy sitting in a big fancy golden chair as well as an ice cream treat at the end of the evening.

8) Revolucion De Cuba

Tapas of every kind is available in Revolucion De Cuba, it is great to come and dine if you’re with a big group as you can try loads of tapas and dishes. Roasted Chorizo, Halloumi Tacos, Aubergine Gratin you name it and they have it!

9) The Botanist

If you’re craving for a relaxing or romantic evening, the Botanist is the place to go. With its magical setting, everyone is always in awe when dining with vines hanging from one place to another. From Malaysian vegetable curry to classic paella, you can try it all.

10) Proove

Classic Italian pizza and pasta is served here in Proove and it never fails to satisfy a hungry customer. Watch your pizza made and cooked right in front of you. It’s quirky setting will surely make you feel right at home.

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