Preparing for your exchange in the UK

“One of the best things to do while at University is going on Exchange”

One of the best things to do while at University is going on exchange or Erasmus to experience the culture, nature and lifestyle of another country. The benefits of studying abroad are endless, but it can also be difficult at times. You are away from home for an extended period and will probably be experiencing a wide range of emotions throughout the process. The UK has so much to offer and we want you to make the most of your year here, that is why we have put together a handy little list that will ensure you feel well prepared for an amazing year in the UK and know how to get involved from the very beginning!


“Citylife organises trips every single week to ensure you get the most out of your time over here”


Opportunity to travel

This is a fairly obvious advantage of coming to the UK for your exchange, but it is definitely a note-worthy one as well. There is a great variety of sights to be seen. The typical little English towns such as York, medieval and picturesque Scottish classics like Edinburgh, the mystery that is Stonehenge or the metropole of the world that is London and everything in between! However, scheduling can be difficult and exhausting, and that is why Citylife organises trips every single week to ensure you get the most out of your time over here! You can see what trips are upcoming here

Making friends from around the world

The best way for meeting other exchange students is by participating in activities organized by Citylife as well as joining societies such as ESN! This is the ideal place where to meet other people like you and that are likely to have the same interests for the year! Keep in mind – groups oriented at exchange students, such as the Erasmus Society and Citylife are especially active at the beginning of the year to ensure you make friends from day one. You can find upcoming activities, events and trips here

Fun times

Welcome week should not be missed!

Make sure to tag along to the events put on during welcome week and the first few weeks overall. Popular events usually include bar crawls, meet and speaks, the society fair and Exchange student parties. This first week will give you a wonderful first insight into the exchange lifestyle! The best part about welcome week is that some of the events, including walking tours and bowling, are completely free. Let’s be honest, as a student, free events are never to be overlooked. These can be found here .

Wide range of emotions

Excited, joyful, overwhelmed, scared, home-sick, scared, happy are just some of the emotions you will encounter. The graph of how your emotions fluctuate while being on exchange will be shown multiple times. Every time you will see it, you will think to yourself “That won’t happen to me..!” but guess what, it will, so it is better to be prepared. Having a small token from home, like pictures, a teddy bear or anything else can help when these unexpected slumps occur. And remember, you aren’t alone, looking through exchange Facebook groups and organising new adventures and meeting new people can always take your mind off of it. You can join our Facebook group here .


We hope this list helps you to get ready for the amazing journey that is ahead of you. September is just around the corner! Remember you can download our welcome guide here

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