Our top 9 favourite places in the city

1. Stramash

Placed in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, pop in there if you want to enjoy the purest Celtic dances in Edinburgh, by participating on them!

With Ceilish dances every Wednesday, its live music and welcoming atmosphere will make you feel a pure highlander in this beautiful re-converted church!

207 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JQ

Leith Edinburgh

2. Leith Walk

Located in the maritime burgh, we invite you coming to this important avenue and spend some wonderful hours in several restaurants and coffee shops, without skipping the lovely walks along the river part!

Leith Walk Edinburgh, EH6 5EA

3. Banshee Labyrinth

Have you ever tried watching a film in a pub? What about getting a pint beside a skeleton? And sitting and laughing next to a jail? In Banshee Labyrinth you can do all of this and even more!

Also located in Old Town, you will really love its alternative atmosphere.

29-35 Niddry Street Edinburgh EH1 1LG

Edinburgh museum bright

4. National Museum of Scotland

Scotland loves culture, and its museums don’t give the opposite impression. From a humongous T-Rex skeleton to a Maori canoe, this museum will boost your knowledge desire each time you visit it!

Tip: take the lift to the terrace. The subsequent Edinburgh view will leave you astonished!Chambers Street Edinburgh EH1 1JF

5. Greyfriars Kirkyard

Maybe the most famous graveyard in Edinburgh, you will find here some of the witchery best-seller ever (you know what I am talking about) inspiration (some clues: Black, Riddle, McGonagall,…) as well as finding yourselves stepping in one of world most haunted places.

Tip: If you want to take a selfie with George Heriot’s School (Howgarts, ahem!), better go to the Edinburgh Castle terrace, you will take a view from above.

26A Candlemaker Row Edinburgh EH1 2QE

View from Edinburgh Castle
Royal Mile

6. Royal Mile

Looking like a museum itself, the Royal Mile holds some of the Edinburgh most beautiful buildings you can see in the city. It is really pleasant go all over it again and again, specially when the Festivals come and the performances fill the streets with music and colours.

Note: If you have never tried before, it is really worthy to join a free tour around the city centre and discover its minutia. They begin in Royal Mile, just look for the tour guides!Royal Mile Edinburgh EH1 2PB

7. Mary King’s Close

You might have learnt the word “close” when arriving to Edinburgh. Old Town is full of them, and the most famous is this one. Surrounded by myths told among whispers, some people declare ghosts still slide through the passages. Learn about the most haunted Edinburgh side by joining one of these tours!High Street, 2 Warriston’s Close Edinburgh EH1 1PG

Edinburgh close
Cinema tickets

8. Cameo Cinema

Located really close to the Meadows, don’t be deceived for its external appearance: its yellow walls and white columns and its more than cosy seat will help you enjoy the variety of films projected there (mainly mainstream).

And, why not? You can grab some drinks in the nearby pubs after the film.38 Home Street, Edinburgh EH13 9LZ

9. Edinburgh Castle

Did you reckon we were going to leave this place out of the list? Its summer concerts at the Esplanade, its exhibitions (“Fight for the Castle”), its thematic events spread throughout the year (they have some really interesting now) make this castle to deserve a great recognition.Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG

Edinburgh CAstle 2

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