Our Top 5 favourite places in Loughborough

1. Campus

Loughborough University is a 438 acre Campus and is by far the most beautiful place to be on campus.

Alongside having everything you might need, from shops to sports ground, it is home to some of the best sporting talent in the world and state of the art study buildings.

Loughborough university
Big park

2. Queen’s Park

Queen’s park is a lovely green space located in the centre of Loughborough and a lovely place to relax in times of stress.

Area is perfect for some casual sports and games and has got the Loughborough Museum at the centre of it.

3. The Climbing Centre

The Climbing Centre, found next to Loughborough old Steam train station, is the perfect place for a rigorous climbing workout.

Alongside being really fun, it is a very social space with many other friendly fellow climbers.

Climbing rocodromo
Cool bar

4. The Griffin

Located at the center of town, the Griffin is the perfect pub for a boozer, a friendly lunch, football, rugby or any other televised sports.

There are other bars in town, but this one is the best, offering quality beer and a friendly atmosphere.

5. The Pagent Arms

Although slightly out of the center, the Pagent Arms is a fantastic student Pub in Loughborough.

Great food, great drinks, and not too expensive, the Pagent Arms also has a fantastic outside area if you ever need some fresh air.

Cool pub staff

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