Our top 5 eateries in Loughborough

1. Mount Gurka

This restaurant offers Himalayan and Nepalese specialities that are just simply a treat. It offers delicious food at great prices! Definitely not to be missed while you are at Loughborough.

2. Heavenly Deserts

As the name suggests, Heavenly Deserts offers heavenly sweet food that are fabulous. With a large range of cakes, sweet ice creams and other to choose from, heavenly deserts is the perfect post-meal spot.

3. Peter Pizzeria

Peter Pizzeria is easily the best Pizza place in Loughborough. Alongside its delicious stone baked pizza’s, Peters has a lovely student friendly interior, and unlike Dominoes, doesn’t offer anything at ridiculous prices.

4. Nandos

A fast food, but easily one of the best. If you want some solidly good chicken in Loughborough look no further than Loughborough’s Nandos. Delicious, and yet not even that unhealthy.

5. Fenways

Fenways is the best burger place in town. Located on the corner next to Macdonalds, Fenways is great for a date, evening with your mates, or just a good old burger on your own.

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