Our top 10 places in Sheffield


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The Cabin

The Cabin is one of Sheffield’s hidden food spots with a huge variety of pancakes and waffles. With its log cabin aesthetic and deep sofas it’s hard not to feel warm and comfortable while eating some of their delicious meals. Craving some chocolate and peanut butter pancakes? They’ve got them on the menu. Or wanting some Mexican fried chicken waffles? They’ve got that as well. The Cabin is definitely up there as one of our top recommendations!

Blueberries pancakes

Nottingham House

From Red Pepper and Feta to good old Steak and Ale, the Nottingham House have got pies for all! Walk into the atmosphere of a classic pub but with a vast menu of so many kinds of pies. Notty House pies are the way to go when you don’t have too much to spend as any of their generous pies will fill you to the brim, yet wanting for more!

Cream pie

Thai Thai Ka

This Thai restaurant serves classic dishes from prawn curries to vegetarian Pad Thai. It’s always a good idea to get some spicy meals from here to warm up after a long and cold day. Also, look out for their authentic decorations!

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Escape Rooms

If you find yourself having a whole day off, why not go to one of the many Escape Rooms available in Sheffield! One of its very popular themes is 221B Baker Street where you are enlisted by Moriarty and are tasked to steal some of Sherlock’s prized possessions to break a case, and time is not on your side. Whether you want it to be challenging or scary, these Escape Rooms are always a fun task.

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Ice Sheffield

The Ice Sheffield is the best place to go to practice or show off your ice-skating skills! With its friendly prices, the ice-skating rink is guaranteed a great time.

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The Leadmill

Apart from being a night club, The Leadmill is known to host various events from concerts to movie showings to comedy nights. Make sure you keep yourself posted on all upcoming events with really popular ones to look out for such as James Acaster and his comedy tour!

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Outdoor Cinema

The Outdoor Cinema Sheffield organises a handful of these showings throughout the year and it would be a shame to miss it. Get yourself a ticket and some blankets, and enjoy movies being shown on the big screen. If you’re a fan of The Greatest Showman or Bohemian Rhapsody, you are lucky as The Outdoor Cinema is showcasing both in the coming few months!

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Peak District viewn

Dog walking in the peaks

Our Sheffield’s Peak District is one of the most beautiful spots in all of UK. How could it get better you ask? Well you can also walk a dog or two while enjoying the scenic views. These dogs come form a dog shelter and as well as having fun walking them, they get to leave their pens and be able to roam around in the great outdoors.

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Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is a lavish home used in many historical movie and TV show sets and you’ll know why once you’ve seen its lush estate. Take a day off with your friends and head down to this wonderful location and roam its gardens. If you get the chance, also try their tea rooms and the variety of cakes they offer!


Sheffield Botanical Gardens

With summer just around the corner, the Sheffield Botanical Gardens are the place to go. If you’re craving for a run, some ice-cream or to just lay around with some blankets, this is the place to go and conveniently there’s always an ice-cream van parked right outside the gardens!

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

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