Our top 10 favourite places in the city


Doughnotts is a handmade doughnut store located in Old Market Square. It started as a family run business in a mother’s kitchen but thanks to the success of their yummy handmade doughnuts they have opened more stores.

The doughnuts come in the most unique and imaginative flavours with a wide selection of toppings and they also offer vegan friendly doughnuts! You can enjoy the doughnuts in a charming cafe while you drink a cup coffee or take them away.

Thai food


Looking for a quirky place to eat? Zaap not only serves authentic thai food but will also transport you to the streets of Thailand with its vibrant street market inspired decoration.

Once you have passed the passport control (yes, there’s a fake passport control to make it more realistic), you won’t feel like you are in Nottingham anymore!


The Hockley Arts Club is a creative space for social eating and drinking. Considered one of the hidden bars of Nottingham, this eclectic mix of food, drink and entertainment offers something different in each floor.

The ground floor has a laid-back 1950s vibe with Djs and a jukebox while the uppermost one is known as the Electric Garden (just try to imagine what you can find there!).

Japanese red lights
Good morning coffee


This grade II listed church was restored and turned into an amazing pub in the heart of Lace Market. Pitcher and piano uses the church setting to create a stylish space for socializing with friends.

You can pop in for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, but especially on Sundays visiting this church is a must because there is great live music every week!


One of the most famous parks of Nottingham and an absolute must if you like nature. Wollaton Park is known for all the deers you can run into while walking through its fields.

You can’t miss Wollaton Hall, a building inside this amazing park that once was Batman’s mansion in one of the films.



If you enjoy watching films, you should go to Broadway Cinema, located in Hockley. With a very cheap price for students, this independent cinema shows the best independent and international films, as well as selected blockbusters.

And it gets better: you can have a bite to eat in one of its bars before the film starts.


In Lace Market you can find Rough Trade, an independent record shop filled with great music (and some books).

And as if it were not enough, the store has also a bar and a performance area in the first floor, which makes us believe this place is basically heaven.

Rough trade Notts
Books magic


We couldn’t leave a bookshop out of the list knowing that Nottingham was named UNESCO City of Literature.

Five Leaves Bookshop is an independent and radical bookshop only one-minute walk from the city’s main square. You will find from politics to poetry. Definitely worth visiting!


Cobden Chambers is a set of buildings where you can discover a number of exciting and creative businesses. Some of them sell home accessories and vintage items, boutique fashion, jewellery, books and music, others offer meeting rooms to rent with friends or co-workers and there is a cafe.

The charm of this place is it seems to be hidden, with only a unique front door to access and a beautifully decorated shared courtyard.

Cobden chambers Notts


Bromley House Library is an independent library situated in the centre of Nottingham with many reading rooms spread over three floors and a beautiful walled garden.

Its relaxed atmosphere is great to spend a rainy day in reading or working and get away from the noise of the city without going too far.

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