Europe Trips


Travelling to Europe with Citylife will be an experience like no other! You will be astonished by how the landscape, culture and people vary from one country to another throughout Europe.


All of Citylife Trips Europe are perfect for solo travellers and groups. From the first day you will be able to meet other participants,  starting from our welcome meeting. Moreover, on our organised guided tours and during all other activities we have planned for you, you will become even better friends. Therefore, you will never feel alone while travelling through the capitals of Europe! You will be amazed how many friends you can make in a week of intense sightseeing and discovering the best secrets of Europe.

Chateau de Pierrefonds

On our Europe trip, you will have the chance to experience the best of the European capitals. They all are immenseley rich in history, beautiful architecture and colourful culture. As part of our Europe trip you will have the chance to dive town into European histor. We will also explore one of the many castles still standing today.


Travelling through Europe is about diving into the local culture. More importantly, learning about the countries history and getting to experience the true spirit of the country. On all our trips we use local tour guides who are very skilled and knowledgabe in what they do. They are always structured as interactive as possible, offer insights into the their culture and let us be part of their amazing country.