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Top 10 Things to Do to Get in the Christmas Mood

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December 1st comes along, and everything becomes engulfed in Christmas- if it isn’t already. Between holiday music in stores to the Christmas markets it seems everywhere you look you see Christmas. Whether you eat, sleep, and breathe Christmas or prefer to celebrate the season only on Christmas day here are the top 10 things to really get you in the holiday spirit.


1. Pump up the Jams

The Christmas jams that is! Mariah Carey and All I want for Christmas is bound to get you in good spirits.

2. Christmas Movies

Seeing snow, Christmas lights, ice skating, and of course all the cheesy romance in the movies are must haves for getting into the Christmas mood. From Elf to Home Alone to It’s a Wonderful Life. There is something for everyone. Just Google “top Christmas movies” and you are sure to find something worth binge watching.


3. Bake Holiday Treats

Get your friends together, find a fun dessert recipe, and get baking! Decorate Christmas cookies, assemble a gingerbread house, or make a yummy pie. The possibilities are endless!

4. Stay Warm and Snuggle Up

Put on your comfiest pair of pajamas, make a cup of hot cocoa, and snuggle up in the warmest blanket you have. Nothing better to beat the cold weather than staying bundled up at home.


5. Enjoy the Christmas Market

One of the best parts of Christmas in England are all the beautiful Christmas markets. Stroll up and down the stalls that are selling various sweets, savories, and potential Christmas gifts with a mulled wine in hand. Perfect way to spend an afternoon and get you in the Christmas mood.

6. Ice Skating

Another fun part of the Christmas markets is the outdoor ice-skating rinks. Pro tip: get your ice-skating fix in at the beginning of December! This way you get into the Christmas mood earlier and beat the crazy rush that happens closer to the 25th.


7. Buy Yourself an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everyone needs to own an incredibly tacky and ugly (but beautiful) Christmas sweater. Plus, this is a great excuse to get all your friends together for a Christmas sweater party! The tackier and uglier the better. Bonus points if your sweater has lights or bells.

8. Host a Secret Santa Party

This is another excuse to get your friends together. Everyone will be paired up with someone before the actual party date and will buy them a gift and exchange the gifts at the party. Not only do you get to see your friends, but you will also go home with a gift! Sounds like the perfect evening to me!


9. Get an Advent Calendar

Remember December is the one month of the year you get a prize every day of the month. Do not let this opportunity pass you by!

10. Elf Yourself

Yes, you can go online, upload pictures of you and your loved ones, and turn into dancing elves. This is sure to get you into the Christmas mood. Just follow the link here


With Christmas just around the corner we hope these fun activities can help get you in the holiday spirit. We hope you have an amazing holiday whether you stay home or go out to explore…and prepare for an incredible 2019!

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