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February 6, 2019

Making the most of this semester: Student Life

Not long left in Nottingham? No worries, read this blog to see how you can make the most of the time you have left!
January 16, 2019

Our Mini-Guide to British Sayings

Nottingham may not be the most famous city in the UK but it’s certainly the best student city out there! Here are our top 10 reasons why…
January 1, 2019

New Year Celebrations Around the World

Welcoming the New Year is always an exciting celebration, but there are different ways to do so across the world…
November 13, 2018


  最近网路上很流行一张图 叫做:英国酒吧分佈图 结果,他是长这样的… 哈哈哈 確實 英國完全是酒鬼們的天堂 来英国念书 肯定不能错过去酒吧和夜店的环节!! 但你知道这边都流行播什麽音乐吗? 为了让大家在酒吧夜店可以『置身事内』 今天要跟大家推荐10首想要享受夜生活 最经典的歌曲 (也就是学生会去的夜店很常会播的歌) 才能玩得更开心投入一点! 💡首先要跟大家介绍一下💡 这边的酒吧夜店其实跟想像中不一样 在国内可能要大费周章的化妆、准备战斗袍 但是在英国 尤其是小城市的地方 其实没什么事情可以做 所以大家晚上都很爱去酒吧喝一杯 或是去夜店活动活动 只要不要穿棉裤拖鞋 基本都会让你进去的 (除非有dress […]


  • "I’ve gone to a few Citylife events, pub crawls, and trips; and I always have a great time. Not only are all the activities super fun, but the people who work behind the scenes clearly love what they do. The weekend trip to Edinburgh was hands down one of the best weekends I’ve had whilst studying abroad. Citylife trips really take away the pressure off finding places to travel on your own and I’ve met awesome people from Sheffield, Leeds, and Nottingham I would not have otherwise met."
    Rachel - Facebook Review
  • "The Citylife guys help you whenever they can and support you perfectly during your first weeks! They are friendly and patient with all your questions and do what ever they can to help you. The trips were always well organised and safe. All activities they offer are perfect opportunities to have fun and met new people. I really had a great time thanks to Citylife and would highly recommend their trips and all other activities!"
    Eylem - Facebook Review
  • "I could not possibly thank this company enough for the wonderful trips and events in which I participated. I had the very best experience in Leeds. Particular thanks are due to the main organizers: Bobby and Seb. In simple words,they are special!"
    Enrico - Facebook Review