Most Unique Museums in the UK

Museums are definitely not being appreciated enough nowadays. But why?

Maybe because the idea of visiting these places is not being renewed over time and some people (me included) keep thinking that, by definition, they are bound to be repetitive and dull.

… This statement is just nonsense!

I used to never really enjoy museums, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that they are never monotonous, as long as their exhibits respect your hobbies or interests.

If you are reading this blog, it means you are curious, and that’s all it takes for now to start connecting with the incredible UK’s culture; find out the most unique museums in this amazing country!

National Rail Museum – York (Free Entry)

The National Railway Museum is part of the Science Museum Group. The museum is focused on the story of rail transport in Britain and it shows its impact on society.

Here, there is an incredible collection of historically significant railway vehicles!

If you ever wondered where the magic of transport derives from in the UK, feel free to check it out and celebrate the past, the present and the future of innovation in this field.

The Musical Museum – Brentford

Do you love music? Honestly, who doesn’t?

This museum has an unbelievably vast collection of self-playing musical instruments and doing the guided tour is surely a must.

For a better experience, bring some friends with you and enjoy the tours in big groups.

Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar – Biggin Hill

This museum offers one of the biggest collection of airworthy spitfires in the world.

Try the amazing experience of flying in a spitfire and share these memories with your loved ones.

The staff is also very friendly and available and the enthusiastic tour guides will make your experience simply unforgettable.

The British Museum – London

You didn’t actually think I would have forgotten to put this one in the list, right?

It’s impossible to make a list of the best museums in the UK without naming the British Museum.

Its collection is incredibly vast and its exhibits unravel the secrets of many countries of the world. It’s definitely a must see if you love history, arts and archeology.

The Roman Baths – Bath

This astonishing religious spa has been finely restored and it is definitely worth a visit. It tells the story of the ancient Romans through exciting guided tours and interesting audio guides!

In the end, there is also a tap for spring water you can drink from and a lovely Roman-themed gift shop. 

The Kinema in the Woods – Woodhall Spa

Try the experience of stepping back in time in a playful and interactive way. The Kinema is a cinema… but also a museum! It has a spectacular old world charm and it’s perfect for kids.

The screens are surely not the biggest, but this place has much more character than the multiplex cinemas nowadays. 

The only problem with this “museum” is that it’s quite difficult to find free seats, so don’t hesitate to book in advance.

Thank you for reading, I hope this list was useful!

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