Experience Morocco

All of Citylife Trips to Morocco are perfect for solo travellers and groups. From the first day you will be able to meet other participants, starting from our Welcome meeting. Our Morocco Trip is a trip like no other, you will literally spend all time with your newly made friends exploring the Moroccan culture from day to day. During this round trip you will be able to experience how Africa ticks and step into a different world!

Morocco sometimes named the “Door of Africa” is a country of astonishing climates. On our round trip we will experience the heights of the Atlas mountains, the neverending Sahara Desert, the green nature around Chefchaouen in the North and the breeze of the Atlantic Sea in Rabat and Casablanca.

On our trip we will experience the true Africa—this also means we will learn about local medicine, spices, clothes and last but not least smells. Setting foot into the medina of any Moroccan city, the atmosphere and liveliness of the Moroccan people will be overwhelming.

Upcoming Morocco Trips

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