How to Learn or Improve at a New Language

Did you start learning a new language because you need it for your studies or job? Or maybe because you find it fun to explore new cultures?

I’m sure you have an interesting story on how you started, but right now it doesn’t really matter what brought you here, but how far you plan to get with your learning.

You don’t want to see yourself as a casual learner anymore, right? 

Keep reading, and see how to bring your language skills to the next level.

Be curious

You just read a word that you never heard of or that you simply don’t remember? Don’t forget about its existence the nanosecond after you read it (it’s tempting, I know), try to look it up in the dictionary and write it down instead.

Speak, speak and speak

Is there more to add to that? Just pick anyone you know or not know and try out with them the new phrases you learnt in French class.

If you are interested in a way of meeting someone new to practice a language or your insane social skills with check out our Meet & Speak in your city.


Watch everything you can in the language you are learning. I know you really like watching that English series every day before going to sleep, but why don’t you try to alternate it with a show in another language?

The first time I started doing so in German many years ago I thought I would have never understood anything of the series I was watching, so I kind of just focused on looking at the movements and at the facial expressions of the actors, without worrying too much about the meaning of their words.

The second time I started recognising and remembering some recurring phrases they used, and was able to already connect those dots in my brain which I didn’t even know existed.

Now I am an advanced German speaker and on my way to full proficiency!


If you are unsure whether that famous Russian recipe contains almonds or not, don’t be spooked and look for it in its own language. Show yourself what you are capable of.

Yeah… it had cashews and walnuts only, I knew it.

Listen to music in a new language and… sing!

Who doesn’t love music? I’m sure you already have some favourite artists and that you tend to listen to many of their songs on loop… I know so well because I do the exact same thing every time I find a song that I like.

I usually put one song on loop when I need some inspiration and a nice background music while thinking deeply about my life choices and dark regrets…

Jokes apart, I would definitely recommend you to listen to some songs in another languages. I usually end up passionately singing covers of very popular songs and that helps me a lot with memorising some new key words.


Yeah. This IS one of the best ways to learn a language nowadays. Why is it so effective? Why is playing such a good way to learn?

Because considering learning as a tough job won’t help you.

Everyone plays video games these days, from really competitive Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) to extremely relaxing puzzle games, so just go beyond all misconceptions which see working and sweating as the only ways to achieve great success and try enjoying yourself more (without ever being ashamed of it).

I am a living proof that online gaming and chatting brings you to a next level of proficiency. I brought my English level almost to bilingualism and improved more other languages I know just by chilling with my online friends.

So don’t be afraid to jump into a new incredible gaming experience with people from all over the world.


Travelling is fun and it helps you build up a solid experience in a new exciting environment. Feel free to look at our trips if you enjoy being on the move and remember to practice the language every time you speak to the natives of the visited country!

Travelling is unexpectedly at the bottom of the list. Why? Because I don’t want you to think that if you don’t have the possibility to do that you are lost completely.

It is highly preferred if you visit new places, but it’s not the only thing you need to master a language.

Good luck!

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