Hiking trails around Leeds

Escape the cities hectic urban environment and forget about your studies while hiking in the beautiful nature surrounding Leeds.

Yorkshire Three peaks

This path is very popular and definitely meant for experienced and well-equipped hikers. Those, who intend to spend around 10 to 12 hours outside in the fresh and crisp autumn air, hiking the impressive 39.2 km or 24.5 mile trail. The walk covers three peaks as you might have rightly guessed from the name – Pen-y-ghent (694m; 2,227 ft), Whernside (736 m; 2415 ft) and Ingleborough (723m; 2,372ft). 
Of course, there is no obligation to do the three peaks in one go, you could split it up for three weekends! For those wanting a smaller challenge and a more relaxed outing, conquering just one of the summit points is a definite option! In this case the hike should only take around three hours and there is a nice pub at the end of it greeting you with delicious Sunday roast dinner options and a refreshing pint.
If travelling with public transport, the easiest way is to take the train to Horton-in-Ribblesdale, which is a short walk away from the start of the hike.


Malham Cove

This walk was featured in Britain’s Top 100 walks on ITV, and, more importantly, scenes for Harry Potter were filmed here! The walk makes a nice loop and covers the total distance of 12 km or 7.4 miles in around three hours. 
You will see many impressive sights like the Gordale Scar waterfall, which if you are seeking a bit of extra adrenaline, can be climbed by carefully placing your feet between the rocks making up the waterfall. It looks quite difficult, but once you start, it really isn’t that bad! Further down the line, you will arrive at the Malham Tarn, which is a nice place where to have some tea or snacks. And, of course, the main attraction of the walk is the 70 m high Malham cove.
The hike can be easily accessed through the village of Malham. A shuttle bus runs from Skipton to Maham (210 and 211 Mon-Fri and 75 on Saturdays) and getting to Skipton is easiest via train, or with bus X84 or X85.

Ilkley and Burley Moor

This is one of the classic hikes in the Yorkshire region. Starting at the town of Ilkley, the hike covers 10.2 km or 6.3 miles. 
When doing the hike in late summer or early autumn, you can expect a lush and rich carpet made out of heathers covering the moors. This makes a truly breath-taking scene and looks amazing in pictures too! 
Further down the line, when the walk continues into Burley moor, look out for the 12 Apostles. The origins of these rocks placed in a circle are unknown, but some theories suggest it might have had something to do with tracking the movement of the moon. As the walk comes to an end, you will see the massive gritstone formations like Cow and Calf. 
The buses X84, X85 go to Ilkley or alternatively you can take the train to Ilkley station.


Make the most of your weekends and explore the fascinating nature we have around us!

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