Fanciest Restaurants in Leeds

Ugh, we all know that feeling when it’s already 8 pm, you lost track of time again and your friends ask you which restaurant you suggest for the evening; they probably asked you seventy three times already but your attention span is so short that you ended up remembering just now.

I’m here to rescue you from this sticky situation and to help you find the best restaurants for any fancy occasion, let’s get started!


Ready for something really classy? Tattu is a lilac gem in the heart of Leeds.

Tattu offers Modern Chinese meals and an extremely elegant and stylish atmosphere. 

Your friends will probably be impressed by this posh choice of yours, since you usually just go for fish & chips and burger places (no offence for these places but, you know)


Are you a carnivore? Do you like to taste high quality meat while enjoying a good drink with your friends (hopefully not with vegetarian ones)?

Jokes apart, Gaucho doesn’t only offer mouthwatering Argentinian steaks, but also a wide choice of grilled vegetables, canapés and bowl food. Go and try them out!


Seasonal menus, fresh Yorkshire produce, homemade classics and… Sunday roast! The Crafthouse definitely deserves its certificate of excellence, and it’s perfect for family dining.

They also prepared a lovely festive menu for Christmas; what are you waiting for?

Souz le nez en ville

It’s an award-winning bar and bistro located in the city centre. Their fine meals have been offered to Leeds diners since 1991!

The recipes often recall or directly reproduce some French classics, like roast French black pudding or beef bourguignon. 

Start your adventure in their cavernous basement! No, they are not trying to kidnap you; the basement is part of the typical Parisian restaurants’ ambience

 The Swine that Dines 

Impeccable, but also quite traditional. If you insist on having an excellent British meal but yet are not satisfied with small portions, this restaurant is perfect for you. On top of that, it is Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly and it has Gluten Free options


Sukhothai is a classy Thai restaurant in the heart of Leeds. The interior design of their restaurant is very sophisticated and its location is excellent, but that’s not all.

Their dishes are delicious and they offer creative and modern variations of the traditional recipes as well. Just be careful and detect the spicy meals on their menu from the start; if you already ordered a meal that has three peppers illustrated on the side, I guess it’s been nice knowing you.

… So? Which place are you going to choose to treat yourself at best?

No, I don’t think it’s convenient to go to all of them on the same evening.

Thank you for reading this list, I hope you can find the best restaurant for your occasion!

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