Famous Movies Shot in London

Being a world-famous city, London has featured often on the silver screen. These are some of the best British movies set and filmed in the UK capital – watch them and see if you can spot any of the scenery you know!

Harry Potter

Britain’s most famous film series, Harry Potter’s most iconic scenes were filmed in Scotland. But, the capital has featured in most of the films, from Diagon Alley to Prisoner of Azkaban’s night-bus scene to Death Eaters flying over the River Thames. Visit Platform 9 and ¾ at King’s Cross station, and get the Metropolitan line from there to nearby Watford for a Harry Potter studio tour. 

Photo ‘Kings Cross Station – Harry Potter’ by Studio Sarah Lou on flickr. (view licence)

Love Actually

It’s nearly Christmas, and that means it’s time to cuddle up to Love Actually, London’s favourite festive rom-com. Watch for iconic shots of the River Thames, laughably big houses, and Hugh Grant as Prime Minister David singing traditional British Christmas carols. 

Notting Hill

Another Hugh Grant classic, Notting Hill is set in the London suburb of the same name, world-famous for its vintage markets and annual street carnival. Watch for colourful houses, broody British bookstores and quintessential English quirkiness. Just make sure you have your cuppa tea ready.

Photo ‘No Entry’ by a.canvas.of.light on flickr. (view licence)

Fast & Furious 6

Londoners were excited when it was announced a Fast & Furious film would be set in their city, after being filmed in sunnier locations like Miami, Mexico and Brazil. Seeing the UK’s capital feature prominently in a very American action series was an honour.

James Bond

Britain’s own action series, James Bond is as strongly associated with its main character as the city in which much of it is set. Capturing the imaginations of millions of Londoners with covert tales about spies and villains with varying levels of camp, 007 will have you wondering what might be happening behind closed doors just around the corner in your city.

Photo ‘MI6 Headquarters’ by Garry Knight on flickr. (view licence)


Birmingham might have Peaky Blinders, but London has Legend – a true story about the infamous Kray brothers, gangsters who dominated the city’s organised crime and nightclub scenes in the 1950s and 60s. 

Sherlock Holmes

Although the BBC Sherlock series is better, and represents famous locations in modern London, this list is about movies. Robert Downey Jr’s film shows what London would have looked like in Victorian times; its scene set on the Tower Bridge, London’s most famous landmark until the London Eye opened, is especially impressive. 

Photo ‘Tower Bridge at night’ by Randy on flickr (view licence)

Star Wars

Okay, this one is cheating a bit. Star Wars is an American movie franchise and while lots of it is filmed on-location around the world,  lots of filming for the movies happened in Pinewood Studios, England’s own Hollywood. Pinewood is just outside of London, but close enough to make the list. However, Canary Wharf tube station was a location in 2016’s Rogue One, but this scene was cut from the final film. 

This post has been written by Matteo Everett

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