10 Reasons why Edinburgh is the best city to visit

And the winner is… Edinburgh! The Telegraph has published the Top 20 Travel Destinations and the heart of Scotland was voted as Britain’s best city to visit by the public. Rightfully so, we think!

The Citylife Team here in Edinburgh is thrilled about this very deserving title and would like to take this occasion to share what we love most about our award-winning home town!


1. The Atmosphere

Edinburgh truly is an astonishing city when it comes to the comforting atmosphere it provides. With its old historic buildings, small alleys, cosy pubs and Cafés, it feels like home…away from home. And no matter where you are from, with so many nationalities present, you will never be alone.


2. The Culture

Many different cultures, nationalities and ethnicities are melting together and create the unique multicultural vibe of Edinburgh. Reflected in the diverse art scene, infamous Festivals, vibrant fairs and markets the city deserves its title “the beating heart of Scotland”. No matter where you are from, or when you come to visit, there is always something going on.


3. The Evenings

All right, enough of the traditional and historic side of Edinburgh. Let’s talk about the modern things we love about Edinburgh; The Nightlife around Cowgate for example is something you should experience at least once in your life. Get out of the Pub and into the Club! We recommend La Belle Angele, The Shanghai Club, Lulu and The Liquid Room as well. A night spent at these venues is a night worth remembering. The Three Sisters is known even across European borders and a must on every Edinburgh bucket list.


4. The Way of Life

Yes, Edinburgh is one of the touristiest cities in the UK, but it has also the second highest populated city in Scotland. And it is a city that provides all necessities for a (excuse the language) damn good life. Whether you´re a student, with your bank account gravitating towards zero more often than you want, or you´re an actual adult with a steady income, doing adult things, Edinburgh offers a variety of things to do and see for people from all walks of life.


5. The Food

International people mean international culture. And food is a very important part of culture. So, it is only natural that no matter what passport you have, you are likely to find the taste of your home in Edinburgh. Italian, Indian, French, Jamaican, Nigerian, Korean, Chinese or Japanese and yes even Scottish food.


6. The Sights

Don´t worry we are not going to bore you with another list of all the amazing sights to see in Edinburgh. But truth be told, there are a lot of them, which is one more reason why we are so in love with this city. If you would like to read more about things you have to see, have a look here


7. The Old Town

This very well preserved medieval part of the city should be on every traveller´s to do list. It is protected by the UNESCO world heritage site and with the Royal Mile one of the most photographed places.


8. The New Town

When there’s an old town, there’s a new town as well, although new in this case just means not as old as the rest. With its neo-classic and Georgian buildings, it was designated part of the UNESCO world heritage site together with the Old Town.


9. St Arthurs Walk

Walking up Arthur’s Hill is not very challenging, although it is quite steep at times, but once on top, the reward is a breathtaking scenic view of the entire city, probably the best view point in Scotland. You can even see the ocean from up there!


10. The Location

Speaking of the ocean; Edinburgh´s location is undoubtedly one of the best in the country. Close to the Scottish Highlands, the sea and other cities like Glasgow, there are plenty of ways to spend your free time outside the city centre.

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