Coolest Clubs in Leeds

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The largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds is full of a tonne of cool clubs and bars to find the perfect night out just for you. Citylife have picked the six most fun and unique spots in the city for you to have a drink and dance.


Student friendly drinks aren’t the only thing Mission boasts. Set beneath six railway arches, Mission has a room to suit every music taste.
The venue also plays host to up-and-coming bands if you’re looking for a live music hit, while those wanting a more unique night out might want to check out Mission’s special events. Every once in a while, the club turns into a Twisted Circus, where you can expect to see fire-eaters, acrobats and all the (crazy) fun of the fair. With £1 entry and bottles of wine for £5, there’s a reason Mission takes our number one spot.

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Freedom Mills

By day a respectable art gallery hosting exhibitions of exciting artists, the old Victorian warehouse turns into a nightclub, capturing the energy of the 1990s rave scene. 
While Freedom Mills has the ambition to solidify its place as a must-visit venue hosting street food markets and craft fairs, you won’t want to overlook the club nights hosted by this quirky space.

Pixel Bar

More of a bar than a club, Pixel has enough charm that makes it worth a visit – especially for video game fanatics. The only esports themed bar in all of West Yorkshire, Pixel’s generous 2-for-1 cocktail menu, available from 5-9pm daily, is full of recognisable puns. Anyone for a ‘Jigglypuff’ cocktail, or a ‘Yoshi’s Island Iced Tea’? 
Pixel Bar also hosts a number of esports tournaments, but even if you’re not a gamer, the cheap cocktail menu with the four-hour-long happy hour means Pixel should be on top of the list of any student’s places-to-go.

Photo courtesy of Pixel Bar

Tailors Gin – The Perfect Measure

Another bar, this hidden gem is slightly more upmarket. Still a functioning tailor shop by day, Leeds’ illustrious gin bar transports you back to the 1920s, a decadent decade that hailed the start of the Jazz age. 

It might seem a bit too fancy for a student budget, but if you fancy a night that’s a little more Great Gatsby and a little less Drum and Bass, this secret speakeasy provides the ideal setting for you to get your Jazz on.

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The HiFi Club

The HiFi Club is more than just a nightclub – the venue hosts comedy nights from 7pm onwards every Saturday, and free entry on Sunday nights. 
But HiFi club really shines with its alternative takes on regular club nights – more than just drum and bass, HiFi hosts K-Pop parties, a ‘Soul Food Festival’  – a fusion of hip-hop and spoken word poetry – and nights celebrating reggae and afrobeats. Every Tuesday, resident DJ Daniel Hills plays club favourites alongside exciting new music. With so many events to choose from, make sure to click here to find the night for you.

The Warehouse

A lot of the venues on this list are all about unique nights out, but The Warehouse is the premier spot for a classic student night on the town. Newly renovated and fit with all the equipment a DJ needs to put on a perfect show, head to one of the oldest clubs in the city for your Underground hit.

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