Cool Christmas Markets in Nottingham

You don’t need to go to Germany to experience a really cool Christmas market, or visit London for a cool Winter Wonderland – Nottingham’s own, in the city centre, is large and expansive, with so many tasty treats and things to do. Here, we’re exploring the five best things Old Market Square has to offer this festive season. 

The Ice Bar

A unique experience, you’ll be heading into a bar cold enough to keep its brilliant ice statues in perfect shape. Standard tickets (you must pay in advance) come with two drinks included – nut-flavoured vodka shots are the perfect festive drink! 

Come for the atmosphere and stay for the air hockey – there’s a version of the classic game entirely on ice. 

Sur La Piste and Alpine 

French for ‘On The Track’, Sur La Piste and the Altitude bar above will make you feel like you’re in a ski lounge in the alps. 

While Altitude offers panoramic views of the Christmas crowds and is the perfect place for cocktails, Sur La Piste will make you feel like you’re in mainland Europe with its Czech beers and steins (two pints in one glass)!

To top it off, there’s live music much of the time, playing Britain’s favourite Christmas songs.

Ice Skating

Nottingham may be known for the National Ice Centre, but this festive season you can practice your ice skating in Old Market Square. This gives you the chance to show off your skills (or embarrass yourself!) in front of the public. 

Students can skate for £11.50, but it’s best to book tickets in advance.

Photo Credit:Ice skating, Nottingham Old Market Square’ by Andy Bullock on Flickr (view licence

Try Out the Christmas Food!

There’s really no better place to go for food in Notts than the Christmas Market.

Serving British and continental favourites (England’s Yorkshire-pudding wraps and German bratwursts) as well as the best of the city’s vegetarian cuisine (Filthy Vegan do amazing loaded kebabs), Winter Wonderland has something for everyone. 

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, treat yourself to Spanish churros (fried dough sticks you can dip in melted chocolate) and all the types of British sweets you can imagine. 

Photo Credit: Nottingham Christmas market’ by Kosit Wong on Flickr (view licence)

Check out the Helter Skelter

Essentially a slide around a tower, Helter Skelters are traditional amusement rides (you can usually find one at the Goose Fair). 

There’s also another bar underneath the Helter Skelter, where you can try some very Christmassy mulled wine – hot wine served with spices, the perfect drink on a winter’s day!

Photo Credit: A Nottingham Winter Wonderland – Christmas light and helter-skelterby Elliot Brown on Flickr (view licence)

This post has been written by Matteo Everett

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