British slangs – some expressions you have to know

1. “Taking the mick (out of someone)”

Means “make fun of someone”.

Scenario: Peter misses the bus to go to university (even though he ran to the bus), when his friend John says “you’d better run less next time”, and Peter (thinking John is joking/making fun of him) replies, “are you taking the mick?”

2. “You’re moving mad”

It means “doing something crazy or random”.

Scenario: “Peter, why are you carrying all these watermelons? You are moving mad, dude!”


3. “Don’t be extra”

Means “don’t overreact”

Scenario: John has not studied for the next exam and yells “Damn, I am the worst person in the world, I suck!”; Peter replies, “Hey man, please, don’t be extra!”

Angry baby

4. “Jog on!”

Maybe you made someone angry at you!

It means “Go away/get lost/leave!”

5. “Wag waan!”

Or “Whats going on?/What’s up?”.

Coming from the Jamaican English, nowadays it is used by the young British, like “Hey man, wag waan!”

6. “Say no more”

Means to “definitely agree/understand”.

Scenario: when Peter has finished to explain the game rules, John notes “say no more man” (he understood the rules)


7. “Ghosting (on someone)”

When you don’t hear from someone in a really long time, because they have disappeared on purpose.

Scenario: John meets Peter after 1 month of being chilling out by himself, and then he says, “sorry for ghosting on you, mate”

8. “Bless”

When something is cool, sound cool or is a good idea.

Scenario: “Let’s go to the cinema, John!” “Hey Peter, that sounds bless”


9. “Safe”

“Safe” in slang has 2 different meanings: 1st, “hello”; 2nd, when a person is either really nice or cool.

“Do you know Peter? “Yeah, he is really safe”

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