Borrow a dog for a walk in Sheffield


It’s my second year here in Sheffield and I am surprised I haven’t heard of the Mill House Animal Sanctuary sooner! If you’re a fan of walking dogs and volunteering, this charity is the perfect place for you. 
Last weekend, my friends and I went on a short drive to this sanctuary located near Ranmoor in Sheffield. As you ride through, you slowly see big apartments disappearing, and smaller houses and views of the country side forming. If you don’t have access to a car, don’t worry it’s just a short bus ride away.
When I first arrived, I saw large pigs sleeping on hay to my right and a variety of dogs barking away to my left, as well as families and couples lining up to walk a dog. 
After filling out a short form, the volunteers there pick out a dog for you that hasn’t been walked yet and send you away with a dog to entertain. We got a lovely mixed breed named Rags who could not stop sniffing the nearby grass.

The sanctuary is surrounded by little walking trails and open farm land so you can walk the dog wherever you like. With Rags chewing on a piece of dog treat, we were off waddling through the winding roads leading us to the top of the hill. 
Rags was very excited every time a large patch of grass or bush came up as he would throw himself onto it, enjoying the grass belly rubs he was receiving. 
It was such a lovely walk up the hill as we got to see little cottage houses sat on the great expanse of land. Sheffield is definitely one of the best places to take advantage of its beautiful scenery.
After being in a city for so long, walking through the woods and smelling the crisp air is very refreshing. At one point, we were nearing a small pond and Rags did not hesitate to jump in and drink some water, not to mention roll around in it. 
An hour later we walked back and Rags went back to his home. Each dog has his or her own personality, so getting a different dog each time would be a very fun adventure.


For those who are worried about whether or not the dogs are dangerous, be assured that these animals are used to many people walking them almost every day. They genuinely enjoy the walk and exercise, so not only do you get to spend one-on-one time with an adorable dog, you also get to make your dog very happy. 
As the man in the sanctuary explained to us, these dogs were picked up from all over the country. They were either left by previous owners, stuck in small cages their whole lives or very ill. 
The Mill House Animal Sanctuary takes them in and care for them, so it’s a wonderful feeling to help these dogs as well. 
They are open every day from 10am till 3pm so this would be a great way to escape the chaos of university life and to take in the scenery with a companion. 
It was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait to do again.

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