Best Study Spots in the City

Lo and behold it is exam season once again, the libraries are packed and the students are freaking out.No worries though as this article reveals more study spaces than meets the eye.

Information Commons

The information commons right in the heart of Sheffield is arguably one of the best study spots in the city.


With a capacity of almost 2000, it is full of various study spots including silent studies, computer rooms and open areas.

This is the best fit for you if you like waking up at the crack of dawn to grab a seat during the crazy busy exam season.

The Diamond

The diamond filled with thousands of engineers is another personal favourite. .


With its incredible architecture and loads of other students studying alongside, it’s hard not to get motivated as well!

If you’re in the area and wanting to study, definitely check out the second-floor computer room that overlooks the hilly residential areas of Sheffield.

It is certainly a sight to catch during sunsets!

Western Bank

Western Bank is home to the humanities students with its endless rows of tables and chairs, almost similar to the dining hall in Harry Potter. h.

This library holds many secret passages leading you from one room to another, so make sure you don’t get lost in its maze.

As amazing as Western Bank is, it is not for you if you’re easily distracted by the views of the park next door

showcasing owners walking their dogs and ducks waddling by..


The View Deli

Wanting a chill place to study? The View Deli in the Student’s Union is the place for you.

With sounds of coffee being brewed and chatter all around, it has never been easier to tune in into your work.


Marmadukes Café Deli

Living in the City? Then there are tons of Café’s sitting idly by waiting for you to come in.

Marmadukes is certainly one of the best with its vast pastry, cakes, tea and coffee selection

Its cosy nature has never failed to draw me in for a quick study sesh.


Hicks Lecture Theatres

Are all the study spaces occupied? Still wanting to be close to University? .

Then Jessop West Café is the one for you. Enjoy their many sandwiches and baguettes while studying in here.


Stephenson Library

This library may be small, but it’s in such a discrete location that many students rarely know it exists

So be assured that you’ll find a space in here. Located opposite the Carrysbrook Court Endcliffe Accommodation is a quick walk


from anywhere in Endcliffe, and it’s got printers too!

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