Best study spots in Nottingham

Bromley House Library

Bromley House Library is Nottingham’s hidden library. Situated in the centre of Nottingham, this independent library offers great space to study, relax or read a book. It has many rooms spread over three floors and for when you get tired of studying, you can take a break in their beautiful walled garden.

Library and girl

NTU Boots Library

Boots is the NTU library from city centre campus. It’s open 24/7 and has a wide range of study spaces. Next to the library, you’ll find the Arboretum, a beautiful park waiting for you if you want to escape from your study session (and the place where you can go and have a picnic after a long morning of hard work at the library).

If you don’t want to leave the building but need a change of scene, you can always head to level 4 and visit the rooftop garden, outdoor study space with plants, seating and Wi-Fi (and a great view of Nottingham).

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George Green Library

The newest library of University of Nottingham is located in University Park. The George Green Library has been recently transformed into a modern facility with a cafe and break-out spaces and it is open 24/7. It will be your home away from home during your finals.

Hallward Library

At the other side of University Park campus, you will find Hallward Library. Considered one of the UK’s finest library buildings, Hallward library will offer you a variety of seating and a great place to have coffee for your study-breaks.

The speciality coffee shop

If you want to stay away from the tense environment of a library full of stressed students, you can always go to a coffee shop. The speciality coffee shop is an italian owned coffee shop that serves one of the best coffees in Nottingham.

Great coffee combined with its cozy and relaxed atmosphere makes this place a great choice to prepare for your finals.

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200 degrees

Nobody said studying had to be a nightmare (or nobody will after reading this). 200 degrees is a coffee shop often chosen by students and homeworkers. It has the only three things you need to study: a calm atmosphere, amazing coffee and great chocolate brownies to help you concentrate.


Kitty cafe

Did you know that scientific studies show that cats help reduce stress? Kitty Cafe knows it and so do you now. This cafe is home to a lot of rescue cats that are waiting for you to take a break from your books and give them love. It will be a win-win!


Still looking for an alternative place to study? Wired Cafe Bar is an independent coffee shop with (again) an amazing coffee. Its quirky and relaxed vibe might be a great choice to work if you are tired of the typical study places and need a change. Make your study sessions interesting and different and don’t let those exams drive you crazy!

A quick break is much appreciated by the brains!!

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