Best Study Spots in Leeds

Studying at home, in the comfort of your bed or your living room, can be the best !

But, let’s be real, it often turns into: “Oh, I need to clean my dishes“; “Oh, I haven’t eaten in 20 minutes, let’s make toasts“;

“Did I call my parents this week? They must miss me … I HAVE to FaceTime them now“ !

And the deadlines are getting closer, and no work ends up one.

Here is a list of 10 of the best study spots in the city where you can’t be anything but productive.

CAFÉ 164

We are all crazy about Bakery 164 (in front of Parkinson Building), but many of us don’t know about Café 164, which is a bigger version of it,

with a large seating area, and the same delicious sandwiches, hot drinks and amazing cakes.

Café 164 offers a nice and relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seats, the coffee you need and the brownies you deserve.

Vegetarian friendly, and vegan options available, with milk alternatives for drinks (more places like this in our other blog Top 10 Eateries for Every Taste and Diet).Munro House, Duke St, Leeds LS9 8AG



The situation of Stage Espresso & Brewbar (in a quiet corner of George Street) makes so the place is never too busy, .

which is perfect if you feel like escaping the crowds for a few hours, to work in a more relaxing environment. .

There are plenty of seats, and a basement room, where you’ll usually find people on their laptops around a large co-working table, or in sofas.

Oh, and, let’s not forge the most important part: they have a dog!

41 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3BB



Situated on campus, this library is perfect for University of Leeds students who need a little study session in-between classes.

Open from 8AM to midnight everyday of the week and from 10AM to midnight on the week-ends.

“Eddy B“ also has a café on the ground floor: “Edit Room“, which opened recently.



Call Lane is definitely famous for its nightlife, but who thought you could now associate it with studying as well ?

If-Coffee Bar offers a fresh and cosy environment and they have a quiet room upstairs where you can stay until 11PM on Fridays and Saturdays!43 Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BT



Common Ground is probably one of the least known places in Leeds University Union but we think it’s one of the best ones.

It can get really busy and loud around lunchtime but otherwise it is pretty quiet.

Most of the seats there are comfy sofas and the multicoloured walls / tables / chairs create a nice, inspiring environment.

They also sell affordable toasties, cold and hot drinks, cakes, etc.



With its wooden desks and magnificent dome ceilings, Brotherton library definitely passes a feeling of warmth.

Of course you’ll be able to find new books there, but you will also find gems from the 19th century that sometimes have all the information you need to write an essay.

The trick is to look through different rooms of different floors and you will for sure find a little table in a corner of a very quiet room where you will almost be alone.

brotherton library


Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen might be loud and crowded in the evening / at night

but it’s the complete opposite during the day, giving you a nice environment to get a bit of reading or writing done.

Also, what a better and more peaceful study place than a roof terrace (with the WIFI) on a sunny day?1-1A Cross Belgrave St, Leeds LS2 8JP



Looking for a place to find inspiration and let the creativity flow? This is Open Source Arts’ whole concept.

Their aim is to provide an environment which will boost your productivity and therefore have a positive impact

go-karting, high ropes, leap of faith, etc. Ideal place for a fun day with friends.

on the creation of your work (notably through the decoration of the place, etc.).

Plus, there are open kitchens right behind the working spots, where they bake delicious cakes!1A, Aire Place Mills, Kirkstall Rd, Leeds LS3 1JL

Open Source Arts (1)


Relaxing atmosphere and hanging-out vibes at Mrs Atha’s.

. The friendly staff will show you to a quiet corner (relatively quiet, it remains a coffeeshop)

and help you choose from their huge selections of coffees, teas and cakes.Central Rd, Leeds LS1 6DE



It is the most recent library in Leeds, and with it come the most modern rooms, most comfortable seats, etc.

If you go there, you are in for a very productive (that is, if you manage to find a seat, because Laidlaw is most people’s favourite

and it is often crowded, although it remains quiet at all times).


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