Best Pubs in Sheffield

Going to a pub is a great way to socialise and meet new people while eating like a king (or a queen, of course)

What I like the most about these places, are probably the karaoke events; so mainstream, I know. 

Whether you love singing like me or not, keep scrolling and discover which the most exciting pubs in Sheffield are

Hagglers Corner

This is more than just a bar. It offers a great variety of Events with live music and DJ’s at Events.

Furthermore, they have a selection of Craft Ales and hand made cocktails!

The Old Horns Inn

They have Steak Mondays, Pie Night Wednesdays, Fish & Chips Fry – Day and much more. Apart from the delicious food, the Old Horns Inn also offers views over the Bradfield Moors and it is located next to St. Nicholas’ church.

Dove and the Rainbow

A lively pub which mostly offers rock and metal music; light up your evening with its energy!

The Commercial

If you really like homemade food in generous portions and also want to enjoy it at a reasonable price, this is the pub for you. Also, don’t forget the whisky tastings and the theme nights!

The Ale House

All right, the pubs listed are all cool and stuff, but what if you are looking for the classic and authentic pub experience? The Ale House is simply all you would expect from an old style pub: fresh burgers, ale, gin nights and homemade pastries. 

They also provide special menus according to national festivities and offer bingo sessions and amazing music quizzes.

Rutland Arms

Quirky and friendly pub in Sheffield. It has an incredible atmosphere and fast service. Yes, it is vegetarian friendly and it has vegan options as well. 

They offer a formidable variety of classic but also inviting dishes like flavoured Bangers, fancy Bao buns, Beef Nugs… and drinks like tasty Rum punch.

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