Best parks in Loughborough

Is it a splendid Sunday morning and are you looking for somewhere to lie down while reading Pride and Prejudice and sipping Masala chai tea?

Alright, maybe that’s a bit more poetic than I imagined.

But still, I’m sure you know what I mean

If you were wondering which the best parks in Loughborough are, you came to the right place.

The Green Place

This is not like the normal parks. The Green Place is more like the representation of a new, ecological and greener way to live.

Apart from the gardens, the Green Place organises multiple events and has a café with an incredible variety of Vegan, Gluten-Free and Vegan options. 

… Also, you can roast marshmallows there.

Are you convinced yet?

Queens Park

The Queens Park is a lovely park in a very tranquil area.

It has a memorial for fallen soldiers and it’s particularly well-kept, with fountains and colourful flower beds all around. 

If you were just interested in having a nice walk under the trees’ shade, this is definitely one of the best sites for you.
Also, there is a neat playground… can you resist going on the swings?

The Outwoods

If you are the adventurer type, having a walk in the woods is probably always going to be your first choice.

Why not go to The Outwoods then? This park is famous mostly for its wildlife and wooden sculptures, so if you always wondered what Alice saw before going to Wonderland, explore this park and get an idea.

Whatton House

Spacious and nice, old style gardens. 

If picnics are your passion, this is definitely one of the best spots for that.

Tea rooms are going to be opened next year, so if you are still into having the whole Alice in Wonderland experience, don’t miss out on those.

Cloud Trail

Nope, it’s not a park on the clouds. Huge disappointment.

But still, you can find another type of heaven here: the cycling one!

The trail is actually a disused railway line which has now become the perfect route for biking, so go and practice your amazing cycling skills there.

These were some ideas for parks in Loughborough, hope you found them useful.

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