Best Hotels in London

You’re visiting the UK’s capital city and you need somewhere to stay. Citylife has the lowdown on the best hotels in London suitable for student (and more extravagant!) budgets. 

The Dictionary Hostel

In London’s vibrant Shoreditch district, you’ll find this student-friendly hostel near cafes, clubs, and street food stalls. Beds are as low as £14 if you book in advance, which is cheaper than anywhere else in the heart of the city. 


Environmentally friendly and near The Dictionary Hostel, Qbic is sleek and modern, offering brightly coloured meeting rooms and fresh healthy food. Prices start from £79 a night, and for hotels as nice as this one, that’s a pretty sweet deal. 


Near cultural attractions like British Museum and Piccadilly Circus, Generator is a fun hostel with a games room perfect for meeting other travellers. Beds are around £20, but you can book yourself a private room for just over £60. 

Tudor Lodge

Thirty minutes away from central London on the Tube, Tudor Lodge is appealing for people looking for a quieter place to stay. The rooms aren’t too cheap given the location, but for a cozy stay in a traditional English cottage, it’s more than worth it. 

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Holiday Inn Express, Ealing

Holiday Inn can be found all across the UK, and while Ealing isn’t quite central London, it is a buzzing town in itself. On a highstreet packed with restaurants and bars, Holiday Inn, Ealing offers the perfect location to get into the city without breaking the bank. 

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

This isn’t one for your student budget, but if you fancy something more upmarket, your stay the iconic St Pancras Hotel (right near one of London’s best-connected train stations) will make your friends from all over the world jealous.

Shangri-La at the London Shard

Probably London’s most luxury hotel, the Shard’s Shangri-La doesn’t come cheap. But for a stay in Britain’s most iconic new building, and with amazing views over the city, isn’t the hefty price worth it?

This post has been written by Matteo Everett

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