Best Dessert Places in Nottingham

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Nottingham has more restaurants per square mile than any other place in Britain, and was once named culinary capital of the UK – but the city does a pretty good job with dessert spots, too. The Queen of the East Midlands has many spots to satisfy your sweet tooth – here are some of the best.


Nottingham’s very own doughnut haven, Doughnotts has expanded into Derby, Lincoln and Leicester since opening in 2015. But this should come at no surprise – their homemade sweet treats are mouth-watering delights. 

Very reasonably priced, especially compared to big chains, the deliciously large selection of handcrafted doughnuts  – including vegan-friendly masterpieces – won’t break your bank. 

The Simpsons fans must try the Homer to experience Springfield’s favourite snack, but the staggering menu combines traditional recipes (Bakewell tarts) and modern ingredients (Oreos) with fresh dough to astonishing results.

Photo provided by Doughnotts

Best of all, our friends at Doughnotts have announced that if you show this blog post when you’re ordering, you can get 20% off a box of 4 or more doughnuts! Talk about sweet!


Cookieshake might be known for their delicious and decadent milkshakes, but after hours is where the fun really starts. At night, the cafe turns into a bar, as their sweet shakes are expertly blended with alcohol to bring you the best of both worlds. 

Of course, there’s a delicious array of sundaes and, well, cookies for those looking for something a little less boozie.

Photo provided by Cookieshake

Heavenly Desserts

The UK’s premier dessert company has been running since 2008, and aims for perfection in every sweet treat they make. Their innovative designs, original desserts, and updated classics have allowed them to expand all over the UK, and you can get a taste of Heavenly Desserts’ classy cakes and indulgent treats right in Nottingham city centre. Pop in to see what all the fuss is about.

Photo Credit: nottsfoodstagram on Instagram – check out Olivia’s Insta for the best food places to visit in Notts!

The Pudding Pantry

Set in a delightful tea house, The Pudding Pantry’s almost rustic charm evokes the attention to detail and careful quality the team put into their bespoke cakes

Enjoy light cakes or scones with traditional British afternoon tea, or indulge yourself with iconic Red Velvet and Bakewell-flavoured milkshakes. Experience a unique spin on wine tasting as you sample quality vintages alongside a pudding platter. Or gorge on the Instagram-worthy Chocolate Sphere, making your dessert night out the envy of all your friends. 

Getting cake is the new going to the club.

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Bendigo Lounge

Tucked away in the Nottingham suburb of Beeston, Bendigo Lounge is a hidden gem. Its stylish décor might take you back a century or too, but its irresistible menus are as gorgeous as they come.

Not just a dessert place, the Lounge is the perfect setting for a fancy brunch with friends or a romantic night with a loved one – but their desserts and puddings are still some of the best around. Choose from a variety of ice cream sundays, try traditional British treats like a Sticky Toffee Pudding, or experience continental churros, long strips of fried dough decadently dipped in chocolate.

Irresistible blueberry and yoghurt pancakes at the Bendigo Lounge

If you’re aching for more, check out where to find the city’s best pancakes here.

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