Best cafés in Loughborough

Your well-deserved free time is vital. So why not use it in the best way possible?

For example… you could find something fun and relaxing to do while enjoying a hot cup of coffee in one of the best cafés in Loughborough!

Chocolate Alchemy

For true chocolate lovers. This café is the vivid representation of everything you’ve dreamt of every single night after you finally decided to go on a diet.

Your sweetest dream (or nightmare, for some) is back, and you can’t ignore it this time

Chocolate Alchemy offers a great variety of chocolate bars, slabs, tasting boxes, bake jars and much more


Dolcino is a breathtaking Italian dessert diner. 

It offers crepes & waffles, shakes & smoothies and all other sorts of stuff which makes you want to reschedule your diet in 2089.

Their hand-made gelato is definitely one of the best in Loughborough (you can trust me, I’m Italian)

Fifty Three

A unique gem in the heart of Loughborough, Fifty Three offers homemade rolls, coffees, cakes and… takeaway!

Barnett’s Loughborough

Handmade Cakes for any occasion: Weddings, Graduations & Birthdays! Check our their Facebook as well, so that you can be updated on their lovely new creations every time

The Cheesecake Shop

If you ever feel like ordering a custom cake just for yourself, there is always the Cheesecake shop, which is not exactly a café, but I thought I would give you one more reason to avoid going on a diet (just to be sure)

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