7 reasons Sheffield is the best student town

1) The ultimate prices

When it comes to cities with affordable student prices, Sheffield is definitely up there. With Sheffield’s two amazing universities, the city is filled with students constantly looking for the next best deal. Sheffield has got the best student discounts in almost every restaurant and store, so don’t be afraid to ask if they have one.

Not only that, but Sheffield’s student housing is one of the most affordable in the country with the ease of living close to university!

2) Best nights out

Sheffield is known for its amazing music scene, it is the birth place of Arctic Monkeys, the Last Shadow Puppets and more. Just beside some of the main University buildings is West Street, home to Bierkeller and West Street Live! With genres ranging from jazz to British pop to rock, you’ll definitely find a music scene best suited to you.


3) The Yorkshire accent

The UK is home to numerous types of accents and the southern Yorkshire accents is one of the best ones. You’ll find yourself swooning and saying “Ta love” and “That’s reyt bad” in no time.

4) Plenty of parks

Sheffield is known to be the greenest city in the UK, with parks and green spaces everywhere. Weston park, Endcliffe park and the botanical gardens are just the tip of the iceberg. With summer rolling around, make sure you pack some cold drinks for a chill BBQ at the park. Also, the peaks are just a bus ride away.


5) Concerts right by your door

With Sheffield being such a popular student city, many famous singers and bands come by giving the students a great chance to catch a gig. Some big names include George Ezra, the Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen and so much more!

6) Food!

Sheffield has a great food and café scene due to the sheer number of international students who study here. Traditional dishes from India, Mexico, Italy, Thailand and more are showcased right here and for a reasonable price as well. Do not forget to visit the cafés too as Sheffield has a knack for making delicious coffee.


7) Events

Throughout the year, Sheffield showcases some of the biggest and adventurous events. There’s a Christmas market in winter, the DocFest in the spring and Tramlines in the summer. Keep your ear out as there are all kinds of events all year round.

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