6 ways to travel in the UK


The UK rail network is pretty well structured and can take you almost everywhere. Trainline and Nationalrail are probably the biggest providers, offering student discount or off-peak tickets, which are a lot cheaper and allow you to plan your journey flexibly. If you plan on travelling a lot, check if a rail pass might save you some money.

But we all know that sometimes getting places requires changing trains one or even multiple times and unfortunate delays make the journey longer than it has to be, which leaves you both stressed and annoyed. But at least you travel with a good concious, knowing you helped the environment choosing the railway.https://www.thetrainline.com/http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/https://www.visitbritainshop.com/world/britrail-gb-pass/


2. Bus

There are many Coach companies offering to take you across the country for a reasonable to cheap price. National Express, Mega Bus and Go Euro can take you to many destinations, while the countryside passes by and you can look out the window pretending to be in a dramatic music video.

But choosing the bus means depending on traffic, which can turn a 4 hour trip into an enduring test of your nerves…https://www.nationalexpress.com/enhttps://uk.megabus.com

London coach

3. Plane

The fastest, but often most expensive option is to book a flight. As always, the number one rule is to have good timing when it comes to booking a plane ticket. There are many myths around the perfect timing to get the cheapest deal; “on tuesdays 6 weeks before the departure date is the best time” and if you book your start your search while knocking on wood, cross your fingers and chew 3 ½ grapes, you’ll get a deal so cheap you won’t believe it.

Our tip: use the computers in the university to search the web for flights. Most of them have an ad and cookie blocker installed, which gets you cheaper results than surfing with your own Laptop.

Plane during sunset

4. Car Sharing

Thanks to Blablacar and Zipcar it’s easy to make the most out of your trip by dividing the fuel costs and who knows you might end up meeting new friends. Certainly not the worst way to travel!

Although sometimes it can be very unfortunate to spend hours in the car with someone you’d rather not have met. Luckily most of the time you get some fun stories to tell after sharing a ride with someone!https://www.blablacar.co.uk/


Car sharing

5. Car Rental

Already have a group of friends and you guys would like to go on a nice trip together? Why not rent a car for a few days and share the costs. You can get a small 5 seater for as little as 30£ a day from any car rental service.

Having your own car means having all the freedom you can get and creating your own personalized trip. But it’s usually not so much for the driver…

Car rental

6. Citylife

You know this list wouldn’t be complete if we weren’t on it. If you want to combine travelling, meeting new people and seeing a lot along the way, search no more. With Citylife you can see a lot of Britain in a very comfortable and stressless way, even the places public transport doesn’t reach.

Check out what we have planned for this semester!
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