6 things to do to take care of your wellbeing

Life at uni can be stressful and chaotic. In the midst of deadlines and exams, we can easily forget to take care of our own wellbeing. This, in turn, can have a knock-on effect on our productivity and academic work.

Let’s break out of this vicious cycle! Here are some simple but important ways to take care of our wellbeing.

Connect with others

After a busy week, staying in our room might seem heavenly. At the same time, going out and meeting friends over a drink or coffee (or even a night out) can be more refreshing than we imagine!Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings can do wonders to our emotional wellbeing. We are social beings after all!


Keep active

Apart from feeling better physically, exercise releases those happy hormones called endorphins which can actually uplift our mood.Maybe try out a fun Zumba class at the gym? Or go for a run in the park? How about a new sport? It will reap benefits for sure!


Get some sleep

Not sleeping well can be exhausting and can affect our concentration and focus. Having a warm milky drink before bedtime, having a separate work space (not the comfy bed), a bedtime routine, are small things that can help us sleep better.If worrying thoughts are getting in the way of sleep, writing them down and journaling might also help.


Do things you enjoy

‘Well if only I had the time’! It might seem like an addition to your overflowing to-do list but actually making time for a new hobby or an old one that has been shoved aside can be pretty refreshing.



Have you noticed a connection between food and your mood? Too much snacky stuff, caffeine or fizzy drinks and eating irregularly can impact our mood and energy levels.



Ever tried simple meditation or slow breathing? It works well for some and can really help with anxiety. Relaxation could also mean going for a stroll, colouring or having a quiet meal.Whatever helps you relax is probably your thing.


This article isn’t intended to offer any expert advice on the topic but has basic reminders for us all. Which ones have you tried or would like to try? Let us know below!

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