6 Reasons why you should join a Citylife Bar Crawl

6 Reasons why should join a Citylife Bar Crawl

Joining a Citylife bar crawl is more than just an excuse to get drunk, but to discover the vibrant nightlife of your new home while meeting many other people!

You’re probably thinking I don’t need no reasons to join a bar crawl, but we are going to tell you a few anyways. You could say we are the bar crawl experts, we’ve lead 100’s of bar crawls in dozens of cities across the UK and Europe.

It’s not too uncommon for these bar crawls to have an attendance of 400+ people from all around the globe, and want see YOU on our next one.

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Easy to meet people

The majority of people joining a Citylife bar crawl will come alone, so everyone’s in the same position so everyone is open to meeting new people!

Lets face it, if you went out normally it’d be frowned upon to approach lots of people hoping to make friends, while it’s the opposite with a Citylife bar crawl. You can go up to every person in the group and introduce your self without looking strange.

“You can go up to every person in the group and introduce your self without looking strange.”

No waiting in lines

You never have to worry about not getting in to bars, or wasting time queuing (Which British people do best). Always we get in first and as quick as possible. Just make sure you remember your ID and drink responsibly!

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Pound to drunkness ratio (Value for Money)

Citylife Bar Crawls are by far the best value for money when it comes to your drunkess to pound ratio.

All our crawls include entry to all the bars and the club, and on top of this you get a minimum of 3 drinks included. And no, these aren’t the watered down shots you may suspect, proper hard drinks!


Its just so damn easy, there is no thinking involved and we all hate thinking on a regular day of the week, let alone when we’ve had a bit to drunk in a foreign city and don’t know where’s the place to be and what not.

Someone else does all the thinking and worrying about where to go next for you. Partying has never been so easy.

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There is a designated sober person to look after you.

Lets face it, we all hate having to look after our drunk friends but we do it because we are all great people, right?

Well on a Citylife bar crawl you don’t have to worry too much as there are guides on the crawl to support you and look after any drunk friends

Every Citylife bar crawl is unique

No Citylife bar crawl is alike. We strive to always make sure each Citylife bar crawl is different to the last. We will have different themes from Full moon, topical events i.e St Patrick’s day, white t-shirt and many more.

But, it’s not only the themes which change but also the route, every bar crawl has a different route giving you the opportunity to discover the vast choice of venues your new home has to offer!

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Overall a Citylife bar crawl is the ultimate ice breaker and a great way to meet people and have fun. You’ll meet people from around the world and of course many people join our Bar Crawls who don’t drink solely for the social experience!

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