5 best study spots on Campus

1. The Library

The library is large spacious, has a cafeteria, a lot of books, sources, computers and everything you might need to get your studies going. It usually opens from 8:00 until 23:59, however during exam time it is open 24/7.


2. Haslegrave building

The Haslegrave building, located next to the union is a fantastic building to study in. It has quiet study spaces, and alongside these, great computers you can use if you so need them. Located next to the union it is also perfect in case you need a quick snack!


3. Design School

The design school is based within a purpose built £21 million building that opened its doors in 2011. It has lots of space, lots of computers, and 24-hour space where you can study anytime. It is also a gorgeous state-of-the-art building, and really feels like a great academic environment.


4. James France

Although not very large, the study spaces in the James France building are super comfortable. They offer large desks and spaces and are open until around 6. They are in the same building as many lectures’ halls, so are perfect for a quick pre-lecture study. There is also a café, in case you need to refill on coffee, or food.


5. Herbert Manzoni building

Herbert Manzoni is big, cool and right in the center of campus. It doesn’t quite offer the peace and quiet you would need for intense studying, but is great for group work, and quick study sessions. There is also a cantina if you want a proper meal, but also there are sofa’s if you feel like relaxing.


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